Gov't considers cash handouts to households to ease virus impact


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Taking a page from Trump's book! Not an original idea in Abe's head!

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Why not just waive 12,000 from everybody's Resident Tax.

You have to have income to pay it in the first place! And not everyone pays it either.

By the time this gets decided on how to pass out OUR tax money, the virus will be long gone!

Cut the sales tax to 5%

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with the cost of daily products and 10% consumption tax what exact will ¥12,000 (or ¥24,000) buy a family of 3 or 4?

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BTW Trump is giving $1,000 (¥107,000) per person, not $120 (¥12,000).

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BTW Trump is giving $1,000 (¥107,000) per person, not $120 (¥12,000

US Government. Not Trump.

Also, that money can realistically be used to offset the cost of groceries. A small amount but still better than nothing.

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again with this... last time it was 10,000 and people just banked it

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12,000 yen is pitiful...

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Pitiful amount.

Will foreigners with a juminhyo get this as well?

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If the government is serious about buoying persons spending, they should abolish the consumption tax instead of handing out chicken feed.

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Reminds of the line '...and rich relations give crust of bread and such...' from Billie Holiday's 'God Bless the Child'

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12,000 yen! Wow! Don't go overboard Abe kun!

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JJ Jetplane, Trump is the government. Im sure if Obama was in office you wouldn’t be making sure a comment.

-2 ( +4 / -6 )


If Obama was in office I would still credit the senator that drafted and proposed the bill.

-2 ( +4 / -6 )

There is a huge difference between Trump and the Trump administration.

-6 ( +2 / -8 )

JJ Jetplane, no use responding as we seem to be heading off topic and most likely be remove by JT. Let just both hope for the best and we all, left and right, get through this worldwide pandemic. Let’s help thy neighbor and ensure no one is left behind to fend for them self.

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According to the latest news... The White House is considering to give $2,000 each person. Japan is giving ¥12,000??? Buy mask and sanitizer and it’s gone...poof!!! Laughable:))

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Bring it on! If the money printer is cranking anyway, they might as well spread the joy.

I'd prefer no VAT on food, a much higher percent of household budgets in Japan than in other first world countries, but failing that, some free money would help. Cash not vouchers if possible.

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And in Canada:

“No one should have to worry about paying rent, buying groceries, or additional child care because of COVID-19. We will help Canadians financially,” Justin Trudeau said from the steps of his home in Ottawa, Friday.

Bout the paltry 10 000Yen back in 2009. I was a Student in a university in Tokyo that time, and i received it. But am not sure of the criteria they used to choose for the beneficiaries( For foreign residents)

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The country is heading into a sharp recession, at which time social welfare services will be most in need.

Social welfare services are funded by, oh no! By consumption tax!

Cutting consumption tax now is not the thing to do.

Of course, Japan's government should not have been spending money willy-nilly in the normal times, preparing itself a fiscal buffer to be able to respond to emergency times such as the current one. Too incompetent, ah well...

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Last time, we resident foreigners also got it. I thought it ridiculous - tiny amount for so much processing cost. But a friend with a husband, son, and elderly mother-in-law told me their household total and what they planned to do with it and I realized that it means more to the people who need it. I can donate mine.

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I'd rather see a permanent tax elimination on essential goods: food, diapers, children's clothing, school supplies.

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If I get ¥12,000 I’m going to spend it all on beer and cheese. Mostly beer!

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Japan has no leadership. They simply follow what the US or UK is doing. First, it was mass herd immunity by Boris Johnson another ineffective fool with no idea because the UK was going to do it. However, that idea would have killed scores of people and wreck havoc on the healthcare system, and it failed.

Now they want to copy another ineffective idiot and give money to everybody to buy an election. Like others have said, will that stop companies from laying off workers?

The US wants to give the airline industry some Republican socialism, but they always use that money to enrich their investors only. Both Americans and Japanese citizens will pocket that money and put it under their mattress, or they will use it all at once because they no longer have a job.

Most people won't get the full amount during the time that they need it.

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If you don't want or need it, don't take it. Listen to yourselves, you're complaining about potentially getting free money or money you didn't previously have. GOJ is damned if they do and damned if they don't.

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Japan has no leadership. They simply follow what the US or UK is doing.

I can partially agree with you. But the major difference between Japan and other countries is the culture in place. Also the laws as well. Example, if a company gives you time off for these situations, by law, all future situations that fall within this scope must be met the same way. That's why they fight hard to maintain that business as usual culture. I know several people that work for Japanese companies overseas and some have been off for almost a month while those same companies have maintained the BAU mantra in Japan. How they feel about their employees and how employees might respond is the main difference on how companies behave here versus overseas.

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To protect Japan from the virus, we will give the people money. - Only in Japan

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Where is the mortgage holiday, or protection from evictions for renters - you know, practical useful things other countries are doing to help people whose income has stopped due to the virus and subsequent economic dive.

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Those touted handouts are risibly insufficient, but at least they’re not talking about making us pay for it through the imposition of a coronavirus tax. Then again, they’re probably making plans to recover their costs through higher taxes at the first opportunity.

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Per day? Count me in.

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12,000 yen is so insulting. Really? What are we suppose to do with 12,000 yen? That barely covers a couple of weeks of groceries in some households. Easing the consumption tax would be a bigger help and it will stimulate the economy.

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It wasn't 12,000 yen it was 10,000 yen

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Are you honestly suggesting that the ruling class can possibly have empathy for the average Japanese and produce an economic plan based on reality?

That would be asking way, way too much...

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Helicopter money, money it whatever you want, it is to stop a bit yen to get too strong enough, as it is considered a heaven currency like swiss franc.

Money war based on covid19. Politicians have no clue.

Politicians should propose vouchers to spend on activities creating better life : house refurbishings for healthy space, subscription of specific efficient apps, etc.

No work, no money. No money no food.

Creating money is a burden left on our kids.

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Will foreigners with a juminhyo get this as well?

We did last time the cash was handed out.

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What happened to 100.000 yen?

It's a big difference from 100.000 yen to 12.000 yen?

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I love the sense of entitlement.

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12,000 yen per day ???.

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Seems the Trump admin has been talking with former democratic presidential candidate Yang ( way ahead of his time and by far the best choice they had in my books ) about the possibility of setting up a UBI type of system to avoid total economic collapse and mayham in the U.S. They were talking of giving 3 thousand dollars to each adult and fifteen hundred to minors.

Japan immediately follow suit ( as they do) with 12000 yen? Paultry, feeble and totally reflective of the mindset of the current leadership. Once people stop being able to pay rent and start going hungry you will need to increase that offer by tenfold. I really don’t think these jokers are up to the task, but we are stuck with them. Surely there’s a well spoken competent fellow somewhere in government that can rise from the sea of mediocracy, look the camera in the eye and show japan what leadership looks like. Somewhere, surely.

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