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Japan mulls change to COVID-19 measures amid hospital strain


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amid hospital strain

This country is made of old people, a lot of really old people. Including the politicians themselves. I do know what you're saying but this country is unique in this regard. The median working age of people in this country is almost 50 years old as opposed to Austraia where it's 37.

In my opinion it's one of the reason China has such harsh policies, it's already facing a demographic collapse. It doesn't need millions more deaths in the near future to speed up this collapse and speed up the death of the CCP's workforce.

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BroncoToday 08:06 am JST

The hospitals are strained only because the current definition of Covid requires such strict protocols that only 7% of hospital beds in Tokyo can actually be allocated towards Covid patients.

If the definition is changed, than the other 93% of beds, most of which are currently unoccupied, can be used for Covid patients.

The "strain" is essentially caused by the strict protocols, not by the actual number of patients.

So the logic is, fill up as many beds as possible for Covid19 related illness, then if you want to give birth or receive cancer treatment, you can just go to hell because the internet wanted to tell the experts they're stupid?

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Doubling down on a man made disaster…. Dereliction of duty …. Seems the jgov is completely and totally surrendering …. Chasing mythical herd immunity…. Can’t justify more corporate welfare payments when they should’ve been taking care of the general population instead…. But it is what it is…. The 1st public opinion poll that crashes , they’ll make drastic over corrections. Healthcare system is on the brink of total collapse so let’s stop admitting patients in need of proper and swift medical care…. Prefectural governor, prefectural heads of medical associations, Drs and nurses screaming for real restrictions and the jgov gives up…/ with these ever changing policies, they need to drop the few remaining border controls….

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Japan is considering altering COVID-19 measures, including a potential change in the collection of infection numbers, in a bid to lessen the burden on hospitals as they strain under a resurgence of the coronavirus across the country, government sources said Saturday.

Where have the wondrous powers of the free market been in attracting more medical personnel, increasing salaries and benefits as many nurses quit because of the stress and strain and low compensation?

Or has the LDP stepped in with subsidies and training programs and assistance.?

No they have profiteered and doled out corporate welfare subsidies to hotel and inn owners, oil suppliers and venture capital startups and advertising agencies.

Japan's coronavirus response has relied on the perseverance and patience of the Japanese people exclusively.

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Hospitalizations 1,629,717

Change from previous day +108,141

1.6 million people currently correctly classified as “hospitalized.” Is the issue here .!: desperately need to alter the negative world news ….

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quote: But the category of the illness may be changed to that for seasonal flu if its severity lessens.

That happened last year.

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Hey Bronco above,

I read an account in Australian media of an "Infectious Disease Specialist " who was an "it's just the flu " proponent....until he caught Covid.

He had a cardiac infection that nearly killed him. {1% to 3% are affected in this way }

He is now advocating "masks on " and "social distancing "

For a small percentage of even healthy people the virus is still life threatening.

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Latest govt data published last night:(as of Wednesday)

1,400,000 active cases

25,000 patients in hospital

29,000 patients in hotels

121,000 total beds available in hospital/hotels

1,106,000 cases at home

There are not 1,600,000 hospitalizations as some have claimed.


Not that I'm disputing you @SamuraiJack but in your numbers where are the other 240,000 people in the 1.4mil active cases that aren't at home, a hotel or in hospital?


There is a group of 241,000 people. The note below the category states:

“The number of people who do not correspond to(hosp/hotel/home) at the time of the survey and are in the process of adjusting their medical treatment destination”.

Quote from the mainichi newspaper:

“There are 241,745 people who have not decided on a place to recuperate and are still in the process of adjusting their place of recuperation. Of these, 2,069 were in need of hospitalization but had not yet been accepted.”

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Just a dose of reality …. Someone comes on here for the sole purpose of trying to debate me …. I don’t usually debate those with zero credibility…. It gives credence to their patently false statements…: but there’s 1 tiny bit that’s true , “ 2,069 were in need of hospitalization but had not yet been accepted.” That statement alone is literal proof that the entire healthcare system is on the brink of total collapse! Patients in “NEED” of hospitalization but can’t be admitted because health centers around the entire country are stuffed …. Hotels are stuffed …. Drs and nurses are stretched as this as possible….

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Phew! They're mulling it and holding panels. So, maybe by 2025 they'll act. I mean, they are finally now at the 2020 testing levels and methods of the rest of the world despite it now being 2022... after lots of mulling. Nah... I'm thinking there are just going to be more calls to stay home and confine yourself if you feel sick, and they'll stop reporting infection numbers again.

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The only answer is 30 minute self tests available from combinis. If mild like mine last week, just stay home and rest. Mine only lasted four days with rest and isolation. No need to harass the hospital system.

but Japanese government has only had 3 whole years to do such a basic and obvious prevention policy.

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I had it and it wasn't nice but felt like a chemical flu. Stop the counting and focus on the serious cases.

Time to get back to reality, without the masks madness.

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I had it and it wasn't nice but felt like a chemical flu. Stop the counting and focus on the serious cases.

I thought the same thing...

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Wonder what's going to happen when you get the flu and covid at the same time. The fall is when you will really see the hospitals fill up.

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They can consider protocol specific facilities to cater only to Covid patients. Combine that with tele-consults and tuned staff and I think that should relieve the stress. There is a lot of data on covid patient management and SOPs that can be designed to let everyone feel safe and taken care off.

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Time for an SOE and time to close the border to everyone except Japanese.

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