Japan mulls extending maximum reactor lifespan beyond 60 years


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You have to be joking! What wombat came up with this idea? So the public are against building new ones, so instead let’s extend further, beyond there use by date our old ones? There are plenty of other alternatives to the question than that. If they had a brain that functioned.

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Do they learn anything from Fukushima?

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Back to the what-could-go-wrong mindset prevalent before March 2011.

Anyway, there are not powerplants closed to Kasumigaseki and the plebs' taxes will pay for it.

Also love the way the LDP packages nuclear power as a way to dress themselves as environmentally friendly.

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First, master the technology of building ALPS treatment plant that properly filters all radioactive isotopes. The crappy Hitachi made equipments failed to remove many radioactive isotopes including tritium in Fukushima. Or better still, don't be so stingy. Buy US made state of the art ones.

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Japan is considering extending the maximum service period for its nuclear reactors beyond 60 years due to anticipated public opposition to the construction of new plants, sources close to the matter said.

60 next 100 years. No surprises, shifting of the gal post is something we see just too often with the LDP government.

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Japan's neo-liberalism LDP government who learn nothing from lessons of Fukushima nuclear disaster, they still stick to old nuclear plants that seismic resistance is lower than modern quake-proof designed house.

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referring to cases abroad such as in the United States where they can operate for up to 80 years.

just because the USA makes bad decisions, doesn’t mean Japan should do the same.

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But such an extension could spur concerns about the safety of aging reactors that are prone to accidents.

The Japanese government is really tempting fate.

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Oh you know, 60 years, 160 years, 600 years...why get a new refrigerator when your old one is working? Oh... because your old refrigerator won’t poison an entire region when it dies?

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Japan is considering extending the maximum service period for its nuclear reactors beyond 60 years due to anticipated public opposition to the construction of new plants

logic at its best.... and my LOL-moment for the day.... (⌒▽⌒)

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In the history of bad ideas, this has to be right up there…

I can image the meeting “The public doesn’t want us to build new nuke plants because of safety concerns, so we won’t… let’s just keep the existing plants running forever”

What could possibly go wrong with this…

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You will need a pontifex or bridgebuilder to save from foolishness.

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Japan mulls extending maximum reactor lifespan beyond 60 years

"Mull" = have meetings, write reports, have more meetings based on reports, write reports based on reports based on meetings, organise study group, have meetings about when findings should be published, write memos, have meeting to discuss impact of findings, partially release findings, go back to "have meetings" and cycle through ad infinitum, collecting ¥20,000,000 of tax payers money each time you pass "go."

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They say that everything's fine in Fukushima now, so how much worse can another nuclear disaster be?

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They don't seem to be moving TOWARD renewable green energy resources, are they?

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Of course they are. I could see this one coming from a mile out. It will happen, and everybody will just carry on, until the next disaster.

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OMG!! They should be doing the exact OPPOSITE, shutting down reactors when they hit 40yrs.......NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

This story is a perfect example of why Japan has NO FUTURE!!!

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This should be the furthest thought from their minds.

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Considering how much safer newer reactor models are, this would be a terrible way to go about things.

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