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Japan considers giving ¥200,000 per worker at hospitals treating virus


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Hero pay or hazard pay, it is already done or being done in places where there is at least some reaction to popular opinion. It is something that should not need consideration, just like the tax bills that keep arriving in the midst of a pandemic to people that have lost income.

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Another "considers" .... would be great to see something that has become a "done deal" being annouced.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: News about "considering" and "urging" is not news.

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And while you are at it, raise the amount that I have to contribute for health insurance.


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If there's no real problem, such low case rates and risk, how's it any different to a normal shift? Is there something we're not being told? This government is a sham.

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I pledge to stop and think to consider listening to gvt consideration about considering to pledge and debate about thinking of sort out citizens.

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@zichi; I may be wrong but the salaries you quote seem too high to me. Is this for very specialized care? The reality is much lower I believe. My very good friend's wife is a nurse with a supervisory position and more than 20 years of experience. Her pay is between 300-400,000 Yen / month. I believe she is underpaid, especially in these times (my good friend I am talking about is not kurisupisu by the way). I knew the nurse pay was low in Japan but I just found out (due to my friend's complaints) that the pay was lower than I expected. This is a large public hospital which is considered to be very good. They need to be better paid in my country of citizenship (the US) too. What a job they have now!!!

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The Abe government thinks that all they have to do is make a proposal, or "consider something", put it out there, and then everybody thinks it has happened. When in fact it is mostly a lie, and nothing gets done, but it makes it seem like they really think or care about these people.

I bet if you poll a lot of Abe supporters, they truly believe that everybody has gotten their masks, their Y100 000, and all the other help that was "considered".

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Ah, they're CONSIDERING it! Great. I guess that means if they approve it, that'll be in August, then applications for it will go out January 2021, and they'll MAYBE receive it by the end of the fiscal year, if at all. Of course, fiscal "hawks" like Aso will be against it.

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Instead of a farmer I should've been a politician. That is the profession the health care personnel chose and IMO do not deserver preferential treatment as it comes with the job and profession. You deal with the card your dealt. That's it.

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It’s written on my wife’s payslip every month.

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They deserve every yen and some more.

Please do it at the earliest.

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> The salaries of nurses in Japan are terribly low, especially considering the job they do. If I knew the money would go directly to a nurse I would gladly send the 100,000 Yen to one of them

not totally true. Junior nurses pay is low. But salary increases each year with experience as most nurses stay in the same hospital. Doctors usually move around every few year and mostly have a fixed salary at their hospital.

senior nurses, especially high skill nurses earn more than my partner who is an experienced doctor.

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Excellent idea.

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And here is a thought, how about the govt giving the people(medical & otherwise) who are central to fighting the virus a BIG THANK YOU for starters, something genuine, thought out...…..

Suspect I will be waiting

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Pay them properly.

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The salaries of nurses in Japan are terribly low, especially considering the job they do.

The same goes for foreign teachers here, too.

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For not only medical workers but also venders supporting equipment, they’ll work together and sacrifice themselves I think. I wish they also have a something allowance

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.....such idiots running these isles, let me guess, since we will offer a piddly  Y100,000 to mere mortals......ahhh lemme think,,,aaahhh….got it! We double it for medical staff!!!  

These people are so daft

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The average salary, less bonuses (take home) for a nurse with 30 years experience, is 300k-330k a month.

Quite pitiful...

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Nurses definitely deserve wage increases.

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I sorely want a job where I receive money for ‘considering‘....

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Aaaaaaannnnnd there's that word again. "consider". I and many of my acquaintances still haven't received a single thing from the government and am still a struggling small business owner.

Oh sorry, I lied. I did receive all the documents to pay all the taxes and insurances and so on required this time of the month/year.

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The salaries of nurses in Japan are terribly low, especially considering the job they do. If I knew the money would go directly to a nurse I would gladly send the 100,000 Yen to one of them.

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Ideas, proposals, considerations... Call it news when they do something instead

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