Japan NGO matches senior shelter dogs with senior citizens


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But in late October, the 69-year-old visited Dog Duca where she was introduced to a miniature pinscher suffering from cataracts. The adoption was decided after the dog, thought to be around 10 years old, dashed towards her and jumped onto her lap.

Awesome! How can we donate to this cause?

Every morning, my chihuahua drags itself out of bed to great me whilst I'm eating breakfast. Then, it goes back to bed until it sees me off. My wife elects to remain in bed until well after I have left.

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Great idea. Reminds me of Glen Greenwald's shelter where homeless people take care of homeless dogs.

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Great story,

Isn't this what you call a Win Win situation.

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Here is a link to Dog Duc website.

Opportunities to donate towards medical bills are found here:

There is a language option at the top of the donation page.

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As a further FYI - they take one-off donations as well as continuous, for as little as 1000 yen per month, and accept credit cards. They also sell custom collars and leads. Do support them if you are able - even 1000 yen can feed a senior dog for a long time. Thank you :)

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Wonderful news for once!

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I want to stay well for this dog. I want him to live peacefully.

This is the best thing I’ve read on this site for a long time.

Dogs are a delight.

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Excellent idea. There is no better friend than a dog.

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It's a wonderful idea!

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