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Officials puzzled by outbreak on docked cruise ship in Nagasaki


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It's because the virus is everywhere, not just in Tokyo and Osaka. My local city hall closed because they keep finding staff who are infected there. I live in Japan's so called "inaka",

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These big ships seem to rapidly become efficient vectors for mass infection...

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The remaining staff are without serious symptoms and remain quarantined on board in single rooms, except for those on essential duties, including cooking and delivering food for their colleagues, officials said. Some of the essential crew also are infected.

Poorly written here! Makes it sound like even though they are"essential" staff they are still working to support others!

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"...except for those on essential duties"

It could be argued that ALL remaining staff are now essential; I suspect that one-third of the crew complement have quit and escaped their indenture prison. This would leave the ship short-staffed, even without passenger workload.

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Officials do seem to be puzzled easily.

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has puzzled authorities because the southern port city has a relatively low number of infections and the vessel has been docked for almost three months.

I’m not puzzled that Abe and co are still puzzled by all this. They can’t seem to grasp the fact that the low numbers aren’t real because they have been artificially suppressed by the low number of testing. The whole gov should be replaced by 5 year olds because they’ll run it better than the current pathetic incompetent bunch of cronies.

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Don't see anything puzzling at all about this. It's not like the crew members were all confined to the ship for the whole time with no outside contact.

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Trying to blame somebody?

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This is do to the fact that Corona viruses anti-bodies exist in all humans on Earth. When they ramp up in healthy patients, the test returns positive, but there is nothing to worry about unless the patient has symptoms or is in rare cases in a close relationship with someone who might be at risk. Viruses cannot travel through air to other humans. It must be encapsulated inside water and even then it will die in fractions of a second. Remember, a bacteria is the size of a building compared to viral matter. Viral matter is thus very vulnerable to all the elements outside the human body.

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which has puzzled authorities because the southern port city has a relatively low number of infection

Let me try and explain - the port city probably doesn’t have a low number of infections.

The official number of infections is ‘relatively low’ because you aren’t testing people. People can have the virus and be asymptomatic and continue to spread it around.

Why can’t people, especially in authority, grasp this very simple fact. You HAVE TO test people in order to have a better idea of how big the problem is and then react to it accordingly.

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Officials are puzzled, well I’m puzzled why anyone would be puzzled by them being puzzled?

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So there was possible switch of the crew..

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Running low on stories for the 24 hour fear cycle...

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Maybe just a link to the evidence then

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The guilty party here is the owner of the ship. There is no need for this number of crew at all now, but if they don't let them sleep on board during the overhauls/repairs they have to pay them hotels. And that, the owner does not want to do.

They should let the owners pay for all costs, including treatment of the entire crew.  Is Japan going to make the same mistake again and leave everyone on board until they are all positive ?

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Officials are puzzled, well I’m puzzled why anyone would be puzzled by them being puzzled?

Perhaps they were reading about Australia and its brilliant handling of the Ruby Princess.

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Officials puzzled by outbreak on docked cruise ship in Nagasaki

What first came to mind was another Diamond Princess. Yes, technically it’s a “cruise ship” and though the crew is very large, there were no passengers as the header lead me to expect. Was the editor going for a sensational headline?

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Exactly zatoizugoodo.

It's becasue the virus is everywhere.

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Only here could they be confused by this.

Confused person: I don't get it! We asked the virus to stay in place in Tokyo, Osaka, and other major cities, and we have only disembarked, lived out lives, and been in physical contact with other constantly. (scratches head) I just don't get why it won't cooperate.

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If this virus isn't puzzling then nothing is. the 3-month bit also scary .

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“Mitsubishi initially said the crew never left dock after March 14, when Nagasaki reported its first coronavirus case and asked all crew members to stay on board. But the company acknowledged the following day that some members who passed body temperature checks and other requirements had been allowed off the ship. “

yeah so I’ve read this three times and its really so puzzling!

how on earth could anyone have had corona.

maybe i’ll ask a 6 year old

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It would be helpful to know the nationalities of crew members.why the secret?

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