Gov't OKs return to part of Fukushima nuclear plant host town for 1st time in 11 years


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Those towns are set to wither and fade away as it is only the old people that are returning.

Radioactive areas are no place for children!

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"We will create an environment where residents can return home without worries,"

They shouldn't worry about their livelihood too? Their life never be the same.

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The government decided Tuesday to lift an evacuation order on part of a town hosting a crippled nuclear power plant in Fukushima Prefecture, allowing residents to return home for good this week for the first time since the March 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster.


Restrictions in part of the village were lifted on June 12.


Residents have been able to stay overnight in the area since December in preparation for their full-scale return.


A total of 5,888 people in 2,233 households, accounting for about 60 percent of the town population, were registered as residents of the area as of Monday, according to the Okuma town government.

A lot of dates tossed around that town of Okuma (大熊町): Tuesday, June 12, December with one conclusion: 60 percent of the town population registered as residents as of Monday.

Some more details: as per this article, back in December 18 households or 49 people were registered.

All-in-all while the number of returnees seems very impressive, according to the Yahoo article, the surface area of the reconstruction zone now opened for return, while initially being inhabited by half the residents is only...10 percent of the whole town's surface.

Somehow it feels like:

.those who return don't have much choice (i.e. they didn't make it elsewhere)

.the returnees will only have a very small area to walk around

Would love to know the demographics of the returnees: age, income-level, etc.

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They say it so it must be so, They are the leaders after all and passed their shoving random items up their nose at their university exam. Why would you doubt their decision. Totally baffling for me.

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Build a luxury resort for LDP officials there. It will regenerate the local economy.

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RodneyToday  11:14 am JST

Build a luxury resort for LDP officials there. It will regenerate the local economy.

can you imagine so many old people feeling entitled in one area? It would be slow motion grumpy old men over excited at being in such a converted place. The hotel shop is pretty much stocked with adult nappies and viagra.. but no girls. That’s going to be awkward.

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how about move JP government to work in that town say for 6 months?

not everyone just top with Kishida as leader as place is safe already...?

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