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Japan on alert for unseasonal swarm of stink bugs that feed on fruit


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There is a plethora of methods to deal with this kind of invasion.

• Agricultural Practices

• Chemical Controls

• Biological Controls

• Physical Barriers

• Pheromone Traps

The big problem comes when it is necessary to eliminate the Stink Bugs sucking the life of the big fruit called Japan.

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When I was in the countryside over Golden Week, about half of my time was spent catching these bugs. There seemed to be an inexhaustible supply of them.

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Locally we are seeing more of them in Hyogo.

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I saw ALOT of them in Togakushi Nagano when we went there 2 years ago in summer.

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Always have lots of these where I live! They're always on my roses! In Thailand, they eat them! Maybe I should start an export business!

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And here I thought it was already bad last year. They were literally everywhere, house walls were green with them when lighted in the evening, and we had to take care to shake out our laundry before taking it back into the house.

I don't find them all that stinky (or they have been rather kind to me in the past), but if there's going to be more of them this year it may actually cross the line between nuisance and actual problem.

(Sidenote: "polished green" is a curious translation of "ツヤアオカメムシ". Who came up with that?)

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The all brown ones are called jackos in Ehime. Stinky little buggers. Stinkier than the green polished ones. They were all over my windows last night attracted to the light of my room and aura.

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I have found a load on my chilli plants. They are hard to get rid of. Does anyone know a good way to kill the buggers without poisoning anyone who eats my chillies? I usually spray them with a solution of washing-up liquid which helps but is not really strong enough.

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Stink bugs are really not hard to kill. They will die with normal insecticide or a home made soapy and water spray. The hard part is that whatever you do, it must be done quickly, and that usually there are just so many of them. I use to put a jar up cloed to them and they's jump in. Gather a bunch and put the killing liquid into the jar.

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Does anyone know a good way to kill the buggers

We pretty much gave up on trying to get rid of kamemushi. I feel they don't settle and don't multiply on our plants, and every single one we removed by any means was almost immediately replaced by a new one coming in from somewhere else. We didn't make any dent with anything we tried.

As a sidenote: Don't try sticky traps unless you want to find incredibly sad looking geckos in them the next morning.

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