Japan on full alert for N Korean missile launch


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its taken 3 billion years of evolution, to create a species with a brain big enough to crack the deep codes of the universe, and what do we do with that knowledge.. We blow ourselves up.

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I dont get it! Fatboy Un keeps saying that he will blow up everything, but then worns everyone what he is going to launch a missle as a TEST!!! This I dont get!

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I just can't feel the panic...

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It''s going to fall harmlessly in the ocean and Kim is going to declare victory over the Imperialists. It's either that or he'll actually have to attack South Korea and get pounded by everybody.

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While GW Bush & Dick the Draft Dodger Cheney were fighting a war that was nonsensical, they allowed the North Koreans to gain nuclear capability. And I am pretty sure Kim Jung Cartman is not the one in control.

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It's over! The US media report that the Republicans have called in Dick Cheney for consutations about North Korea

I hope he's not giving advice on how to aim....

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please lets hope they keep their track record and the missiles plunge into the sea.

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It seems that the US, Japan, and South Korea is all set for the North to lite up the sky. The three allies should use this excuse to bomb the DPRK back into the stone age. Somebody need to teach that little runt not to play on the world stage and cry wolf.

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It must be very amusing for NK to watch USA, Japan and SK scurry around, wringing their hands, and crying "The sky is falling." It is just a media event that the world has bought into. The more the coverage, the happier NK is because stress is part of the game. The SK population is basically ignoring what NK says it will do. It has confidence in the USA protection at USA taxpayers' expense, so why worry about it? When NK does a test fire, and it falls in the ocean or, by some extreme odd chance, on an island, its leader and old generals will be celebrating and laughing as the drink their expensive imported cognac.

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Bring it on, NK!! Oorah!

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Ok, time for some calm here....whooosaaa, whoooosaaaa, take a deep breath Kim, relax and repeat!

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It's over! The US media report that the Republicans have called in Dick Cheney for consutations about North Korea. World War III, here we come!

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