Diet OKs end of Saturday, next-day standard postal delivery


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Saturday is the day that I get the most postal mail, for some reason. I always check the box. I guess I'll have to do that on Fridays now.

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"worker shortage" ???? whenever I go to the smalltown PO where I live, there can be anything between 2 and 4 staff doing the 'work' of one (even when there's a bit of a queue).... also, they always seem to have to look up (on the computer or in dead-tree files) everything, as though it's the first time they've encountered such baffling tasks. (how much to send this to Sapporo, can I arrange to have this delivered on a particular day.... everything really). lovely people, but so damned inefficient. how it is!

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I believe the reason that next day services are in decline is because the post system does a good job of delivering mail next day or within two days. So there is no point in paying extra for something that happens frequently when you send it normally. When I ship things between Tokyo and Osaka, they arrive next day and sometimes it might take two days. That's just regular post.

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The post delivery service has been one of the most impressive. We still receive daily snail mails. Not sure we get any which really needs next day delivery. We get some parcel mail but mostly we get Black Cat Yamato and Sawagawa.

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Will we perhaps be getting a break on the rapidly-rising price of postage stamps now that service isn't going to be as good, or will they just gloss over that part?

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Japan Post Co, a unit of Japan Post Holdings Co, had been calling for a review of the postal law to end Saturday delivery as it faces a shortage of workers and rising labor costs.

ANA is sending it's employees to say electronic shops, many companies are requesting early retirement, thousand of workers is restaurants and tourism industrry have lost their yet there is still labor shortage.

Japan must be the only country in the world under this pandemic to be experiencing labor shortage.

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Whenever I visit a Japanese post office, there is only one person accepting mail but three or four handling the bank accounts. It is my impression that Japan Post really doesn't prioritize mail. It's as if they are a bank that also handles snail mail, and would rather not.

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I have been using Yamato Transport for a while now.

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My search engine says that there is a 2.34 percent unemployment rate in Japan. While I can understand how skilled labor can be in short supply (it is in short supply over here, as well, even as tens of millions are newly unemployed), is mail-carrier a skilled profession in Japan? No insult intended. Our mail carrier is a very decent fellow, and we exchange pleasantries quite often, but I never thought he had to go to college to learn his job.

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Making postal service worse is going to save it?

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