Japan pension office branch head replaced after hate speech tweets


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LDP quality as ever!

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Want to talk about a need for reform? Here is a major one, koumuin need to have it pounded into their heads that they work for the people and not the other way around.

Their livelihoods are guaranteed by our tax money!

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You read about the area near Seoul wanting to put stickers on products made in Japan saying they were made by wartime slave companies, and Japanese and many others get so offended. But then you read about these people, and you think, even though it is not usually voiced in public, a lot of Japanese still harbor as much hate for Koreans as they do for Japanese. It is just more repressed or hidden.

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which effectively dismissed him by transferring him to the human resource division of the body, administered by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

thats not dismissed, and I would add putting an out there racist into human resources doesn't seem a right fit. Good luck to any Korean needing help from the human recourses Department of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

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Good! Another problem maker out. No need to stir up more hate. He shouldn’t be representing anybody.

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thats not dismissed, and I would add putting an out there racist into human resources doesn't seem a right fit. Good luck to any Korean needing help from the human recourses Department of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Actually, if you are familiar with Japanese employment law and practices, you would know that this transfer process is what organizations may do in Japan if they have to deal with employees that need to be removed from their current role in their current division.

This does not mean that this individual will actually go to work to perform an HR job / role. Rather, he is transferred to the HR Division and the HR Division will then be responsible for the administering of his employment and his supervisor will now be someone in the HR Division.

This is typically done when an employee needs to be housed somewhere prior to future assignment, or, in cases like this, prior to separation from the organization.

Sometimes it happens in cases where there is a temporary gap between functional assignments. For example, between a domestic posting and a transfer to an overseas posting. But it is also used as a prelude to separation from the organization, as dismissals on the spot are generally not doable.

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Not only has this clown has brought shame on the glorious People's Republic of Setagaya, he's done it on my resident's tax money. Get out, stinking bigot.

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@zones2surf very good point and I get that the system is conveluted, excessively complicated and that allows for various outcomes with no individual being responsible for anything including decisions taken. He could be let go or just as easily be moved to the ministry of trade just as easily.

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"I find it hard to get excited about this. I see far worse coming out of those countries on an almost daily basis."

Way to set a high bar there for civil servants in the country of your citizenship (you often refer to your Japanese nationality in your comments here).

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I would also fire the guy that gave him this job, clearly a unqualified moron.

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Send him back to junior high school. He can study anthropology. He will learn that most japanese came from China and Josen. They brought agriculture to the original hunter/gather original Japanese. He can then understand...

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Kobe White Bar OwnerToday  06:41 am JST

LDP quality as ever!

As soon as his disgusting tweets were discovered, he was removed. It's not as if the LDP allowed him to get away with it.

So, don't judge the entire LDP because of this one guy. And don't exploit this event to push some anti-LDP agenda.

And no, I'm not an LDP supporter. I'm not a Japanese citizen. And I'm not particularly interested in Japan's politics.

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Hey, we're saying worse things about Koreans in the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries article's comments.

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In Japan people like this get canned. In South Korea they become heroes. Think about it.

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A perfect example of the clowns running the circus. TIJ folks!

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"Dismissed" as in "fired"? Surely not. They were just transferred/demoted, so they will still draw a hefty salary for years to come.

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Another geriatric politician commenting through dementia.

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Elect a clown, get a circus...

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Guys, he was not fired -- he was merely transferred. This is why hate continues so much in Japan; there is never punishment. The guy being transferred means NOTHING. He should have been flat out fired immediately. We are on the verge of the Olympics, people, the biggest international sporting event in the world, and Japanese like this guy and yesterday's nut job who assaulted an airline mechanic in SK (and now denies it) are demanding people of other ethnicities not be allowed in. Forget that they donated the single most amount of money after 3/11 save Taiwan, and forget that they help bolster the economy through massive tourism. These are the same people that if you remind them the Imperial line has Korean blood they become furious.

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If I were a Korean in Japan, I'd keep an eye on my pension. Doesn't sound like some of the characters in the Japan Pension Service like them very much.

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This transfer seems to be what they use to call "window watching".

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Very regrettable comments.

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Good, that was swift and justified to remove this fool.

I wonder though how many politicians and their ilk over there are censured or removed from their positions for saying negative things about Japan.

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First I thought this was the same arsehole who got plastered on our dime and started lashing out at Korean airport staff.

But it looks like racist bigotry is standard issue in the untouchable world of the J-bureaucrat.

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Derek, “First I thought this was the same arsehole who got plastered on our dime and started lashing out at Korean airport staff.”

Not that its any kind of excuse for what Takeda did, but he wasn’t in Korea getting plastered on our dime, his was on a personal trip according to all the reports I saw. Unless you want to say sovbecauseveven though he was using his own money, it probably came from his salary that we paid. But I think that’s a little different from the meaning of the phrase.

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