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Japan personal data leaks hit record high 13,000 cases in FY2023


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Conveniently omits the number of people affected by the leaks.

affected less than 1,000 individuals each time,

So, how many people, Mr. Reporter? 1 million? 10 million?

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In Japan, it's easy to get away just make press release and make a bow. It's really rare to have litigation of leak damage in Japan unlike outside Japan.


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Don't forget the floppy disk leak by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). Don't you feel safe that in 2024 METI announced the phasing out of legacy media for storing documents? Note the word, phasing out, meaning, we ain't there yet. I wonder how many other government ministries are still using floppy disks?

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People complain about these leaks, which is totally justified, but at the same time, they share the smallest details of their private lives on social media...

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i am not surprised at all.

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People need to take action to ensure their online data and sites are protected. Data leaks on a site do not lead to all personal information by using unique strong passwords for every separate site.

One app I use had a data leak so they gave me a free app until 2094.

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I am indignant!

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Funny but floppy disks are probably more secure than usb etc, because nobody else has a drive. Hard copies blowing in the wind story was my favorite. As for my number data not being very secure - scary. No wonder there is low trust by the public.

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Banks are the worst were they sell their wealthy customers data to stock brokers and insurance companies so they can send their sales people after them.

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There are so many pieces of paper needed for the simplest of interactions in Japan and that information is transferred onto computer systems.

Today I came across a form exempting all but ‘trainees’ listing family members on the form but was told that it applied to my application.

I know that I am not a trainee but I guess instructions are meant to be ignored which might explain the data leaks

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