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Aichi Pref to get Studio Ghibli theme park

By Toru Yamanaka

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Excellent. I just hope tickets can be bought on the day at the site's entrance.

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I hope it does better than Legoland. Morikoro is a nice bit of land that has been a jack of all trades since a nice bit of countryside was destroyed in order to build the Expo. I hope they don't wreck any more greenery.

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Maria they said they would be building the themed parts without destroying any trees or land that they would make use of available spaces. From what I understood they will be adding on and reforming certain locations to fit the image they are looking for.

I am hoping they won’t be forcing people to pay to enter the park as it has always been free to enjoy to the public aside from satsuki and mei’s house that requires tickets and a few other facilities such at the pool, kids indoor play center and skating rink.

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Why Aichi it's too near to the other Ghibli museum. Wouldnt it be more profitable to place the themepark in central Japan aka Kansai area?

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Kinda the problem. Everything and everybody is packed in the centre of Japan. If it were spread out more evenly, wouldn't need the train packers and would have lower housing costs and thriving towns.

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Saw this on the TV and it looks pretty good. Might get people out of Tokyo and into some forested hills for a day.

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Before it was an Expo, I used to go mountain biking in that forest. It was a beautiful place that was easy to get from Nagoya. Lot's of people enjoyed hiking there, too. It was a quiet place, I was so sad to see how it came out. I wish they returned the land to its original state. I don't think Japan needs more amusement parks.

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Can't help but wonder how much Aichi is paying for this. Legoland isn't going well and there isn't much else to lure tourists.

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there isn't much else to lure tourists.

Actually Aichi is packed with tourists for Meiji-mura, Monkey Park and Tokugawa's museum inside Nagoya castle.

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Awesome! A new place for all the adult children to hang out and escape the realities of adult life. (roll eyes)

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Awesome! A new place for all the adult children to hang out and escape the realities of adult life. (roll eyes)

What’s wrong with that?

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Japan is running out of kids quickly. Mine will be too old for this in 2022. Better hope foreigners go as that will its only salvation.

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