Japan plans to build moving giant Gundam robot


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Very cool! Would be a pretty awesome thing to have up and moving for the Olympics.

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So cool. My inner-child is going nuts.

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It's proven thing that the Gundam can't walk because 18m tall human can't be stabilize by his own legs. I can't imagine how to realize this impossible mission. Good luck Japanese you can do it!

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@Alex Einz

"wtf , sometimes I think people here living in a dream"

That's right, I forgot, we are not allowed to do anything just for fun, right ?

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Technically speaking... Gundam is not a robot... is a mobility suit (or Mobil suit), is more like a Tank... with a anthropomorphic features.

A robot, by definition is, a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer.

Gundam and other machines that have a pilot... are in essence vehicles (MS) or tanks.

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There was some interesting research done recently on why giraffes, animals that weigh in excess of 1000kg, can stand, walk, and run without snapping their long, skinny legs in two. It apparently has something to do with an evolutionarily ingenious application of the mechanics of the pulley (much like a crane, as gogogo pointed out) in the suspensory ligaments in the giraffe's legs.

With the right research, this Mobile Suit could indeed walk someday. I love science!


If the motivation for creating cutting edge technology comes from the public's fascination with popular fiction, rather than demanding the world wallow in infinite pathos and teeth-gnashing over Fukushima, then what's the difference if the end results are the same?

I would far prefer scientific innovation come from something positive and creative, rather than from where it, more often than not, usually comes from, namely the human preoccupation with killing one another more efficiently.

But hey, the Gundam story is based on a dystopic future in which humanity is at constant war. That should be a significant enough black cloud to obscure any silver lining that might offend your delicate sensibilities.

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What they need to do, is build a giant Gundam and across from it... a giant Char's Zaku II... then have them punch each other like Rock'Em-Sock'Em Robots.

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Here's hoping it has some motion-tracking abilities... on you!

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It's proven thing that the Gundam can't walk because 18m tall human can't be stabilize by his own legs.

Is that "proven thing" like the "proof" stating that it is impossible for bumblebees to fly? How did they prove it? I haven't noticed any 18m-tall humans laying around town, have you?

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ahh they should seriously build a real life fully functional gundam not a replica XD granted having one of those in my back yard would be the shit!

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actually , robotics experts should be forcibly made to develop solutions before its too late

Yes, because we all know how well the totalitarian approach to scientific innovation spurs breakthroughs.... (rolls eyes)

Your melodramatic bent, while amusing, seems to suffer from a staggering disconnect with the human condition. And the human condition is one that requires escape, however temporary, from the harsher truths of reality.

Make no mistake, the Japanese population is acutely aware of the problems in Fukushima. They are reminded every time they turn on the news and see a government request for energy conservation in the summer, or they go the grocery store and have to decide whether or not to buy the broccoli farmed in Fukushima.

While your efforts as a foreigner to shame the Japanese people into behaving in a "Chicken Little" manner are certainly appreciated (by whom, I'm unsure), you might want to keep your sermons and soapbox to yourself, if for no other reason than to avoid appearing the pompous fool.

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replace human with robots ... Hmmm Good idea a bit of relief

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And we still can't get any good Gundam games OR the Gundam MMO ported over to the West....


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Waling aside, can't be too hard, just put some crane parts in there

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Ok so this article isn't exactly clear. Is "Japan" i.e. the government paying for this?! Or is this a private project that just happens to be in Japan?

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yes dear, enjoy the relief and bury your head in the increasingly radioactive sand... This crisis is so large and constantly hushed down so people forget whats going on there ... actually , robotics experts should be forcibly made to develop solutions before its too late

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gundam eh, and all robotics experts have no better target? like making robots that are actually usefull for fukushima? Remeber that reactor complex that has melted fuel in open air and ongoing nuclear reaction which cant be contained... wtf , sometimes I think people here living in a dream

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Yes Alex you are right. Many japanese live in dream world. That is why future is dark

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