Crown Prince Fumihoto and his wife Crown Princess Kiko Photo: Imperial Household Agency of Japan/Handout via Reuters

Crown prince says royal duties need review as members decline


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Fumihito said he believes royal duties can be shared equally regardless of gender, but declined to comment on whether female emperors should be allowed.

He is using his position to state the obvious and I give him credit! I would hope that the day comes, and soon, that he does comment about allowing women to AGAIN become Empress's here in Japan!

But that would take his own son out of the direct line, so.....?!

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So, the royals want to do even less. Okay, but your extremely generous allowances and public housing will be reduced proportionately.

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It's petering to oblivion, women are sidelined officially but the IHA still control who they marry and when?

He hasn't talked to his daughter? What?

Disfuncianal, to survive a complete change is needed it could be a 12th arrow.

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he has stated before that he is against women being able to take the throne.

obviously he has his own agenda here - ie, his son would move further down the pecking order

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The obvious solution would be that women could keep their royal status after marriage - like most western countries

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"Those who are building international goodwill are decreasing, but in a way there is nothing we can do," the crown prince said. "I think those among us who are able can only do so much."

Well, if only the royal males "are able" the writing is on the wall. However, if he comes out in favour of a female empress, that nixes the throne for his son.

He hasn't talked to his daughter? What?

He very likely knows exactly what's going on. He's simply providing a vague answer to a question question which causes discomfort. That's a no-brainer. Or maybe he didn't talk to her--not this morning anyway. It might not be a total fabrication.

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A preference for fade outs over breakups is seen in relationships so as to avoid a messy painful situation.

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In the UK the law was changed so the oldest child is the next king or queen. Same needed here.

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The younger brother is starting to show what was written in the 'gossip mags' about his antipathy of big brother & wife, now Emperor & Express. Masako-sama's illnesses are not entirely imaginary, some think. Many would side with the big brother & wife. Long live the Emperor & Empress!

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It sounds like he doesn't want to do any work because he probably won't be Emperor unless his brother passes unexpectedly, and he doesn't want women to rule because he son won't be Emperor.

Reduce his allowances. You don't work; you don't eat. You don't grind; you don't shine!

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Anyone that has followed the Imperial Family in Japan for the last 30 years knows that nothing is as it seems.

And that is especially true of the IHA..... and Crown Prince Fumihito and his wife, Crown Princess Kiko.

The government earlier considered the possibility of female emperors, but the discussion halted as soon as Hisahito was born.

For those that followed these discussions, we all know how vexed the conservatives in the Japanese government were that this even had to be considered. However, the reality was that they were being backed into a corner by the realities.

And, then, magically, at the last minute, Crown Princess became pregnant with Hisahito! Magically!! And just by coincidence, of course?!

The IHA and the LDP conservatives were saved by the bell, as they say!!

Rumors have long circulated that the IHA conscripted the Crown Prince and Princess into a scheme to produce a male offspring, with the help of doctors and medical science! And that the Crown Prince and Princess went along because of the Crown Princess' strong ambition. Unlike the current Empress, who really wasn't similarly motivated,

Which brings us to today and the Crown Prince's statement.

He is the mouthpiece of the IHA. They can see the realities. They also know the inevitable pressures that this will bring to the Imperial Family. And what they are trying to do is forestall anything that will result in more power for female members of the Royal Family.

Whether for female members of the Royal Family who marry commoners.

Or with respect to females member of the Royal Family becoming eligible to become the Empress.

The Crown Prince's statement makes perfect sense in that context.

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I do believe that the emperor is all for changing the law and allowing women to rule, but I also believe he won't advocate that to protect his gentle daughter from having to take on such a strict, joyless and soul destroying life style. Some people can cope with that, but not all

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Yep it's over, get a job.

Or live on tax payer money, could he head the Olympic body,

but that's not turning out well. For the last incoberant.

can they dance? AKB are always looking for new members!

he could be a celebrity on Sunday morning talk feasts next to a porn star.

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The luxury of the Royals shouldn't be on the shining plate at least from this generation, let those disappear and put them onto the path of life from scratch.

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What he and his brother need to do is take on more consorts and start having more children. Five wives a piece should do it.

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Or they could let women do the job without needing to supplicant themselves to the men in their families. No wonder their are less royal family members, the job appears to suck if you are a woman. Conservative media doesn't help either with an extreme double standard for women.

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Living simply is much better & happier. Status is just for those with no real status.

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What's wrong with an Empress ?

Maybe it's time for Japan to have a Female Prime Minister too ?

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I have no intention to disrespect but why do Japan still need these? And the taxpayers pay for their luxury lives right?

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