Japan probe finds Dreamliner battery improperly wired


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So in other words, 'Nothing'.

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the plane’s battery pack was improperly wired

The battery pack it's self improperly wired or wired improperly into the system?

Japan’s Transport Safety Board said Wednesday it had discovered that the circuit wiring of the burned battery and another one were connected, even though this is not typical in airplanes.

What the hell does this mean?

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What this means is Japan is trying to shift the blame..

You might ask yourself, why would they try to do that?

It's easy, to maintain faith in Japan's lithium battery market. It's a chain of events. It started with Sony's batteries a few years back. Especially in their laptops. To find fault again shows a consistent pattern of product liability.

If they can claim human error then what will happen is this. They'll fix their batteries, making the necessary adjustments to avoid this ever happening again. At the same time they'll make this story disappear. This way they can keep their contracts. There are plenty of other companies we can look to that are non-Japanese. Japan is trying to save face.

These lithium batteries effect every industry that uses them. Your laptop, your Toyota Prius, your digital camera, high speed railway projects. Get the picture?

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What the hell does this mean?<<

Possibly means that one of the back-up systems intended to provide redundancy had instead been connected to the primary system?

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Stay neutral and you can 'see' what it means. Apart from the meanings that readers above have mentioned, it also suggests that if the wiring in one place is wrong, there could be others, and it throws doubt on the overall system of final double-checking and quality control.

As written in the article, the suggestion is that although the confused wiring would not have caused a fire directly, it could have caused the digital flight recorder to miscalculate recorded battery voltages, throwing their basic figures into doubt, and that could be a possible line of inquiry.

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So they found a big mistake -- "but it doesn't matter". Ah, the blame game.

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sounds like a "tin whisker" short.

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Oh well they should've asked me to wire them thingy...

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So then, who wired up the batteries? Was it done here or in Boeing's factory? Wouldn't there be a monitoring system at the installation point to check on correct wiring?

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Several articles ago, it was reported that JAL and ANA have been replacing 787 batteries, but never reported. So I'm guessing JAL and ANA mechanics did the wiring themselves?

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Japan’s Transport Safety Board said Wednesday it had discovered that the circuit wiring of the burned battery and another one were connected, even though this is not typical in airplanes.

However, investigators added that the battery system has a system to block a reverse current and it had remained intact so the “unusual” wiring was an unlikely culprit for the overheating.

Hmm. The Dreamliner is the first to use batteries so extensively, so the entire battery array is "not typical in airplanes". I'm not surprised at all the the wiring for the batteries would also be "not typical in airplanes". It's interesting that the article starts out by bluntly stating the wiring was "incorrect", but by this point in the article, it's merely "not typical" or "unusual". Add to that that a circuit was specifically added between the batteries to prevent reverse current flow, and it's looking a lot less like "incorrect" wiring and more like "wired exactly as intended".

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