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Japanese professor submits petition seeking return of Chinese colleague


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Red Sparrow movie like?

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Hope they find him.

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It is almost certain the Professor has been imprisoned - or worse - by Communist leaders, for political reasons. Like many, many millions of other Chinese. Good for his Japanese colleagues who are desperately trying to find him, but it is unlikely he will ever be heard from again. Such is the extreme brutality and persecution of innocent Chinese citizens by Communist China.

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dont spy then...and if you did, stay jailed

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@supposed IT Security expert/DJ

dont spy then...and if you did, stay jailed

Any proof? Or just blowing hot air?

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Reminds me of the Professor of Chinese history that I had back in university. He had spent many years in a "re-education camp," then finally escaped to the West via Hong Kong after being released. No one can tell what it was like better than someone who was there. Those of us who took his class never supposed that he would be foolish enough to risk going back.

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@salivafun what proof needed ?

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