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Gov't puts off decision to release treated Fukushima water into sea


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The last news was that of a ‘quick decision’

Putting decisions off to decide not to have a ‘quick decision’ is not really a decision, is it?

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Friday the government has no plan to make a decision on what to do with over 1.2 million tons of treated water as reported.

No plan no decision after a decade no plan no decision, then what? Where have all those experts gone? What happened to high tech Beautiful Japan? Really would be nice to have a monicom of sensible leadership. But we obviously don't pay enough taxes to afford representatives of quality.

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release of the treated water into the sea meets global standards

The keyword here is treated

Nobody is mad enough to flush radioactive elements in his own sea.

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So the swift decision promised was swift to delay a decision. I bet some fictitious individual will accidental release the water between now and then and will be fired but will be to late as it is already released.

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the government wants "to make a decision as soon as possible" on how to deal with the water.

The decision has already been made. They are going to dump it into the Pacific regardless of protest. It's only the timing that needs to be decided.

After nearly ten years of watching this water accumulate to the point where they have no choice than to dump it in the ocean. They keep stating that tritium cannot be removed from water, which is a straight up lie. It can be removed from water, but it is expensive and time consuming. It's easier and cheaper just to dump it in the ocean. They also seem to be conveniently forgetting the report from TEPCO stating a lot of this water was not properly filtered and contains many more dangerous isotopes like strontium 90, which is deadly to people and wildlife.

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Railroad the opposing fishermen and release the treated water soon. We cannot make everybody happy. We have to do what we have to.

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Ok, so the IAEA says that it meets global standards. What about the UCS (Union of Concerned Scientists) and the NRA (Nuclear Regulatory Comission)?

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The biggest issue is that all politicians are self-serving and no prime Minister ever is going to want to have this decision to release the water as their lasting legacy.

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If they had released little by little by evaporation method it wont have accumulated to 12 million ton plus the other solution is electrolysis i dont think its too expensive otherwise its going to be similar to Lebanon Disaster

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@ James

it'll end up well out of sight in Hokkaido in a couple years

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Our neighborhood housewives don't buy food from Fukushima or food marked Kokunai (Japan) as they believe that to be a code for Fukushima. If our beloved government dumps contaminated water into the sea off the coast of Fukushima, the fishermen might as well move to Tokyo and get on the dole. Nobody is going to buy seafood marked Fukushima.

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What they say and what they do is very different.

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There's a physical limitation so eventually it'll have to be dumped. Then refilled, then dumped again, over and over for how many decades? At least a generation until these non decisions can have a decision

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"The International Atomic Energy Agency's Director General Rafael Grossi said during his visit to the plant in February that the release of the treated water into the sea meets global standards of practice in the industry."

Simply put every country does the same thing.

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South Korea, which currently bans imports of seafood from the area, has also repeatedly voiced concern about the environmental impact.

How could the SK possibly remain silent over the real fact that their home nuclear powerplants have kept releasing tons of (what they only call "contaminated") water into the Sea of Japan?

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The IAEA will of course approve it as their mandate is to promote the safe use of nuclear power. The NRA are part of the nuclear village in Japan, and will follow the government lead after some token objections.

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Now, that is a real smart and correct move -- no release of radioactivity contaminated water at Fukushima. Many more huge water tanks would have to be built. Never mind, better that way till the radioactivity gradually dies down after a couple of half-lives..

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after approval from IAEA, people will ask for NRA approval, after passing it, people will ask for WHO approval, then WTO, then UNHCR, then God's know what organizations again. After going all through it, lastly people will ask for local community kindergarten's teacher approval. Japan government need to stand firm on its principle

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They are waiting until the bad press disappears then will announce it very suddenly and act quickly.

They realize that people in Japan have short attention spans. Unlike trump who just adds more nonsense to distract the new cycles, the Japanese government just waits it out. It is a battle of attrition with them. Remember, how they handled the Business Executives and the nuclear power? Remember, how they handled the comfort women and those sterilized by the Japanese government?

It is just a waiting game!

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The contaminated water to be dumped into the Pacific ocean contains dangerous levels of carbon-14. It concentrates in fish at a level thousands of times higher than tritium and has the potential to damage human DNA.

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This is the Official line... unofficially however, there's a big leak...

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