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JR East bullet trains Image: RSA/Wikipedia

90% of Japan's train operators will halt trains over N Korean missile alert


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May 11th is Global Bike to Work Day.

Just sayin'.

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If there was one heading my way, I'd rather be stationary than hurtling along at 300 km/h.

Great photo!

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Another reason to come to work by bicycle.

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Reminds me of the equally absurd color-coded terror alerts the US used to use. This kind of induced hysteria both serves a certain ruling party's reactionary agenda and deeply pleases the autocrats in NK.

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The government's way of pushing through changes to the constitution

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So let me get this straight. If there's a huge possibility of getting hit why in the world is the most powerful army still here then? Doesn't that alone negate it's relevance? I thought Tokyo, which would be an ideal target, was surrounded by anti missile barrage!! This overreaction only affects the simpletons who unfortunately outnumber the logically sound. This will only go as far as souring public opinion slowly nudging towards that long sought for revision. Zeus help us all!!

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But what if I want to jump on a train to escape from Tokyo before the bombs hit?

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What a great way to scare Joe public and push through the constitonal changes.

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"Constitutional " sorry didn't check spell

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North Korea does not have Japan as a target. Its target is the US. Why? Read on:


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Latest score

North Korea 1 - Japan 0

spread fear, hysteria and panic.

cant but wonder how many of these companies CEOs are affiliated to the other NK otherwise known as Japanans shadow govt?

bring on the constitutional changes?

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It does seem like they want to make sure as many people as possible are inconvenienced by this. I guess they could also cancel all TV programs to bring us "vital" updates; that will certainly piss even more people off.

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Bertiewooster, thanks that was very interesting and informative link. I have a slightly different perspective now.

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North Korea does not have Japan as a target. Its target is the US. Why? 

I'm not buying that for a second! Yeah, maybe the bigger fear and hatred at this present moment and time is for the US, but make NO mistake with the person we are dealing with. The man is unhinged, if he can kill members of his own family and even have his own ex-girlfriend murdered, I wouldn't put anything past this guy. A person would have to be very, very ignorant to believe that he would never do anything to harm Japan or even SK. I believe he would and to just even prove a point, he would not hesitate.

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If Kim thought he was going down, I think he'd take as many people with him as possible. Just for the heck of it.

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@BertieWooster: Very interesting article. And Curtis LeMay was mentioned. LeMay was the one who planned the fire bombing of Japan, which had the same effect on Japanese people as his later fire bombing of North Korea during the Korean War. A US guy said at the time some US military had big reservations about it because Japanese cities were full of old people, women, and children since all the men went to war. And yet, US and Japan because best friends.

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So now, if your Train stops enroute to the destination, we'll have mass panic with everyone trying to get off and take cover somewhere ?

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I can only assume that if a NK missile launch - to anywhere - can halt major train networks in Japan, then one would also expect all main transport hubs, esp airports & bus stations, to shut down. I haven't heard about such, perhaps someone on here knows. If you're worried about trains, what about high rise buildings with 1,000s of residents / workers or schools, hospitals or shopping malls. I hope there are plans for bunkering down those millions in quick time.

To me it all fits into the great "Fear Agenda" being constantly espoused. Scare'em enough and they'll follow me anywhere.

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Ridiculous scaremongering by the Abe government and pressure on transport companies has led to this. The chance of being hit by a missile is almost zero, no matter whether the train is moving or stationary. This cobblers about a train possibly going over a bridge that has been damaged by a missile is even less likely. Anyone worried about this should lock themselves in a bunker and never come out.

Abe will be distraught by the fact that Moon will be the new South Korean president. The hard line towards North Korea will be softened and tensions will ease: the exact opposite of what Abe wants.

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This sums it all up. NK launches a failed missile and SK does nothing. It knows better. Japan goes

into a full on panic and shuts down. Why the difference, because Abe is using the NK fantasy

to fool the public. Like he did with the fake hostage issue years back. Nothing came of it but

it got him elected PM the first time. Fake news. Fake threat. Fake, fake, fake. But a real change in the

constitution if he gets his way so more Japanese will be at risk abroad like those in Iraq when Abe went there last and pretended to be Commander and Chief of Japan back in 2015.


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@zurcronium Isn't the expression Commander "in" Chief? But, yes, based on what you say, I'd rather say "Commandeer" in Chief.

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South Korea is just a stone's throw away. Wouldn't it make sense NK would target SK first?

This is a racial nuclear attack ...silly me

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This just emboldens NK even more and strikes fear in the general population to support a more war-like constitution. Yeesh. I hope cooler heads prevail and countermand these developments

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90% of Japan's major train operators are prepared to halt services upon receiving a government alert over an imminent threat from a ballistic missile

I'd imagine most people would consider doing something if they received an alert from their government about an imminent ballistic missile threat. I'm wondering why the focus is on train operators and not the government's issuing of such threats.

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Bertie? Hurting Japan is also an attack on the US.

Baby Kim can get a two-fer.

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Hold on, you're all missing it! Hey Kimmy, aka phat (that'd be ファットボイ) boy, see those "trains" all lined up? Yeah, those in photo. Those are warheads disguised as trains, aimed at yo ファット アース。

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So if Japan was ever attacked, we would not have the means to flee an area.

I'm not sure how that action is a solution but I'm sure NK would be happy to know the disruption caused by simple threat.

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