Japan raises travel advisory for Belarus, Russia to 2nd-highest level


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Yes that's true Japan should be worried because Japan has joined a war against Russia.

China ,Korea and Russia will not look kindly towards Japan.

It wasn't necessary for Japan to join the war.

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China ,Korea and Russia will not look kindly towards Japan.

I don't think they did before this conflict begun.

Scary times!

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The Japanese Foreign Ministry also issued the third-highest Level 2 advisory on its four-point scale for most of Russia including Moscow to ask Japanese citizens to refrain from nonessential travel to the area.

If anyone is ignorant enough to even consider going to this area now, for fun (or otherwise) should be 100% allowed to.

That’s because chances are, they are morons.

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I’m quite keen on hearing what is suddenly so dangerous there that makes it necessary to warn or raise any advisory level. Of course I also see no need for anyone for going there, but try to tell us a few threatening dangers, just for fun.

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@Sven i think you've got a wicked sense of humor, that is so funny

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