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Japan ramps up aid to Mauritius after fuel spill


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The aid should have been ramped up BEFORE the ship tore in half, spilling all of its’ contents!

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there will soon be so many experts there, it should make up for the shortfall in tourists. (sarcasm, for those who don't get it).

India seems to have done best, by sending people and equipment.

otherwise, lip service..... and banal lip service at that.

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Japan is really not doing enough here!

17 ( +18 / -1 )

Mauritius island. Explore the best beaches.

It was their bread and butter.

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Diplomats to negotiate with the spill?

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Investigators have already heard from the crew that they were having a birthday celebration, and went close to the shore to obtain a WiFi signal (Maybe mobile phone?). They did not hear local warnings that they were off course. It was first reported by local newspaper L’Express.

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Some people need to go to jail and have the funds they should have delivered from the start taken from them directly. What a pack of irresponsible greedy cowards. Jail I say!

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Thanx @wanderlust

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Japan has sent some "experts".

India has sent ships, resources and manpower.

France: planes, ships resources, manpower.

I realise I'm being a little snarky but, seriously, Japan isn't contributing anything there. They haven't sent aid. They've carried out a bare minimum face saving act.

The people of Mauritius don't need a group of Japanese people standing around silently. Perhaps with the occasional suck of the the teeth and a "難しいね" for good measure. They need real help.

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I think the company should bring out the company's tanto.

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Who claims salvage rights to the ship? The Mauritius? I think they should have it to pay for some of the damage.

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On a very completely unrelated note, wait for oppurtunist China to exploit the situation here... Extend financial help for reconstruction ..and when Mauritius can't pay back, take the beaches/ports on lease for 70 years.. just like they did with Belt and Road...

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Waited 3 weeks to have a news conf. then another week to send so called experts, then another week to evaluate the situation, then another week to tell the Mauritius that help is on the way.

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