Japan ranked last in women staff in tertiary education in 2020: OECD


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Try to find any ranking that listed woman, Japan rank bellow compared to others developed nation.

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Anything over 50% is 'problematic' surely? Isn't that how the game goes.

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Of all the headlines that have shocked me this week, this is not one of them.

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Ranked last, but it’s not far from 50% where it belongs.

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I checked the sex ratio for working aged population (25-54yo). Yes, Japan may need some effort as its women are the slight majority (by 1.05, male to female).

List of countries by sex ratio

Lithuania ranked the highest at 59 percent, followed by Latvia and Finland at 55

In Lithuania there are slightly more men than women in their working age (25-54 yo), and the same pattern stands for its Nordic neighbors. I see there is another issue here, the unbalanced ratio of male-female at higher education workplaces.

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Japan may need some effort as its women are the slight majority (by 1.05, male to female).

Self-correction: 1.05 -- 0.98

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In the opposite, Lithuania ranked last in men staff in tertiary education

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Let me give an example of just how bad this is. I work at a women's university in an educational center that was created 7 years ago to assist the academic departments. We started with two instructors - myself and a female colleague. We got a new center head the next year - an amakudari Showa-danshi (male born in the 1950's). The female teacher retired. 7 years later, we now have 6 instructors - 5 male and 1 female. The 4 males other than me were all hired directly by the director and are his personal friends (the positions were never advertised) and all Showa-danshi. The 1 female was hired only after protest by another female on the hiring committee (he had already planned on hiring another male). Side note, the one female instructor has more academic qualifications than almost all of the male teachers combined and she's about 25 years younger. From next year, we will get 2 more instructors - both male. And, as I said in the beginning, this is at a WOMEN'S university! How embarassing and sad.

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Of course, when you got almost half of the government connected to a Cult this is what you get.

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I propose a young qualified Japanese woman for the new prime Minister of Japan.

Someone in tune with the modern world.

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32 comparable members? Try all the countries in the world.

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It would be a major shock to the system if Japan wasn't scraping bottom of the barrel when it comes to world equality rankings.

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Higher education is not a delicious turkey dinner

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Japan is the lowest or amongst the lower ranking rungs when it comes to overall quality of education and equality.

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The focus should not be on equality of outcome, but rather on equality of opportunity.

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As if being dead last weren't enough, they have to acknowledge the fact that Korea has beaten them again.

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sakurasukiToday 06:44 am JST

Try to find any ranking that listed woman, Japan rank bellow compared to others developed nation.

The link you provide says:

 women’s participation in the political and economic arenas remains particularly low in Japan. The country, however, attained high scores in access to education and health.

It also mentioned,

Iceland remained the most gender-equal country, topping the ranking for the 13th consecutive year,

Basically this means women have the opportunity in Japan to enter higher education but they do not use it...

I would not compare the political and economic situation of tiny remote located Iceland, which has far less than 1 million people with Japan and its population of 125 million citizens.

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Pukey2Today 10:02 am JST

32 comparable members? Try all the countries in the world.

I wonder what is the criteria to call these countries mentioned in this article to be comparable with Japan. 

How can you compare little countries like Lithuania and Latvia located in Europe with their small population of less than 3 and 2 million people and their small economy with Japan located in Asia and consider them comparable?

An article I read in another publication about this subject mentioned that Japan never had a female prime minister, but let me ask, had USA ever a female president?

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Japan had the lowest share of female staff....blah blah blah

Woke media getting ever more pathetic, I just can't believe that in the 21st century, with all the progress made that we get this kind of story framed as a social justice story.

Why won't the same authors not do a survey at Ueno station at 4AM and count how many women are there ready to do a day's labouring for ¥2,000?

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Not to contradict the very selective statistical facts above, but that’s really a very narrow view and by far not the whole picture. They lead instead somewhere else, or should I say almost everywhere else? Them belongs the whole daily life in the cities, shopping streets and malls , restaurants, cafeterias and all such, the own single and family households of course and if they are married, also often the administration of family income and so on. Show me in your city only three stores or places that are only for men or specifically for something men are interested in. I don’t mean barber shops or the few ones selling suits for the employees of course. You surely get the point. If there’s something then it’s only to press men into work and bring even more money home. I guess you know what I mean. Maybe it should just only be considered too that women are very content and self-sufficient with holding quite a stake in the very most things and positions at the price of stepping back or pushed aside when it’s about those few mentioned top positions in politics, university teaching and some other top careers.

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