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Gov't prepares bills to help people impacted by religious group sales practices


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Taxes for ALL churches !!..

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I do hope a couple of weak and ambiguous bills will not be deemed enough to keep the proles happy by the LDP. Will they completely root out this pernicious organisation from their ranks too?

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Perhaps the moonies should be required to reimburse their victims plus interest where such practices have been used. Hit what really matters to them, the money.

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To 'prosecute' or legislate against a particular commercial superstition without prosecuting or legislating against ALL such organizations which sell superstition to the credulous in an equal way becomes 'persecution'. The Abrahamic derived belief systems have some of the worst historical (and current) records for corruption and abusing people of the myriad of extant and past scams such as this. If one objects to the word 'superstition', one ignores the many significantly DIFFERENT perceptions in collective Human 'reality' that all purport to be the 'true' perception. Can they all be the 'true' perception or just the one that a person is infected with? If prosecution is to be done, it must be done against individuals only who use the person's credulity as an extortionate cudgel to extract value from that person. In America, there is no end of such abuse just in the business of TV 'Christian evangelism' and often the same links to politicians as we see here. And given the serious and murderous abuses by rabid racist religion we see in our world today (e.g. Hindi/Moslem; zionist/Moslem, et alia) that we studiously ignore, the 'Moonies' seem almost benign.

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The so called Unification Church has been known as the Moonies since as early as the 1970's. Always considered a cult in the west, are they any more ominous than Soka Gakkai, which is a cult of it's own?

While not prominent in Japan the number of Reborn Christians worldwide is astounding.

They are all seeking donations for false promises. The government should indeed pass bills to assist those who have been financially prayed upon.

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As very many of the government belong to this Christian cult, they can conceivably get all their donation money back. Windfall for government ministers and Aike.

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WOW. If the JPN gov was involved in this, I can't help but wonder if the guy who popped off Abe, had some rational anger towards to the government. We may not agree with what he done, but I can't imagine the pain he was in, and knowing the Abe, et al tacitly supported these scamming churches. I'm gonna say something many may not agree with but, if this guy didn't pop off Abe, we wouldn't be talking about it, nothing would be in the press, and it would have been business as usual. The gov has some responsibility in this. Some of the swindlers who swindled money from old people are no different than the lowest who also do the ORE ORE calls.

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So I can sue any Church ?

What about the Shinto & Buddhist Monk religions, oh and lets not forget... Hey Pope dude !

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the separate bill to support victims who made massive donations

No way! If certain people want to give away their wealth to others, that's their right. But sane and sensible people shouldn't then be forced to hand over a portion of their earned income (taxes) to compensate the dumb people for their dumb choices or to fund any other such "support." Nanny state, or what.

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Yes, yes, yes, blah, blah, blah. And what of the LDP who received or solicited the assistance from the moonies? What kind of penalties for public officials? Just going after the moonies is only a deflection of the real problem; it takes two to tango.

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 to rescue victims of "spiritual sales" that have led to massive payments to religious groups.

"Massive" means different things to different people. Folks who have been preyed upon by these cults, typically are in some state of grief or worry, and are looking for support and help, and they step in to "assist" for a price.

Anyone who feels ripped off, and can make their case for getting their money back, should get it, not just the one's who made "massive" payments!

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We are condoning the Unification Church's illegal activities and rewarding their members.

This is all wrong, all wrong!

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Gov't prepares bills to help people impacted by religious group sales practices

WAIT WAIT WAIT...................isn't the "Gov't" a part of the "religious groups" who are helping to TAKE money from the people?

That's like what Chris Rock said. "Fools who steal from your house, come over the next day and say, "Hey, I heard you got robbed!"

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I can admit. "All sides" stuff had me goin for a sec.

Then took a giant leap off the ol moonie fanboy kool-aid cliff.

Just save the cheap trick. You type it all the ways you want, doesnt make a difference.

Mr Guilty sweat leader guy didn't convince anybody.

So yer gonna roll out a buncha randos paid to go around whitewashin and fakin some "persecutions"

"Oh the ol' money grabbin compound cult-mongers, tax-free, snakeoil sellers ..aww hell they aint so bad...

RIght you are buddy. Theyre 100 times worse!

Looters all.

'prosecute' or legislate against a particular commercial superstition without prosecuting or legislating against ALL such organizations which sell superstition to the credulous in an equal way becomes 'persecution'.

we studiously ignore, the 'Moonies' seem…

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Pathetically late action by the LDP.

Trying to look the part by addressing the "Evil Moonies", creating an image that we care for the citizens.

They - the Govt - have known of the Unification Church's tactics for decades and have done zilch prior to Abes demise.

The National Network of Lawyers Against Spiritual Sales ( 全国弁連 - Zen Zoku Ben Ren) was formed in the 80's following cases of coercion and fraud, the same as the govt is now going to legislate against.

They (the Lawyers) brought all of this to the attention of the Govt and Police on many, many occasions.

But nought was done.

Why? Well that's all obvious now because most of the LDP - incl Abe - were intertwined philosophically and financially with the UC.

It's only because of public pressure that anything is happening now.

Weak As.

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