Japan prepares ID cards for Ukrainian evacuees


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Will they got assistance in opening bank account too? Also finding apartment that accept non-Japanese resident? That's where government really help.

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Average monthly wage in Ukraine is US$875 a month. Why do they come to Japan? How can they afford to live in one of the worlds most expensive countries? Who will pay for them. Nobody speak Ukrainian here. Do they speak Japanese?

japanese people are struggling. They should go to Poland or neighboring countries.

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very surprised.

gov never made any ID for own citizens but for foreigners-ready anytime.

anything wrong with that?

or its considered as normal?

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They will integrate seamlessly and be an asset to Japan.

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I've been studying the japanese culture/language since 2002, living here since 2008 and I still find it hard to integrate into the communities, guess they'd be better off in Europe or accept the generous offer from Canada, but if for some reason they still choose to live in Japan, I hope they find a small capital city full of green to live and be accepted in the foreign community and the friendly japanese community over there, Toyama for instance has a big russian community from Vladivostok, all very nice people, everyone is welcome.

Living in the sea of disinterested japanese people in Tokyo and Osaka would only bring loneliness imo

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They will integrate seamlessly and be an asset to Japan

That’s funny.

In Europe Ukrainians integrate seamlessly into prostitution rings and organized crime syndicates. The infamous “Russian” mafia has always been mostly Ukrainian.

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Don’t worry, no one needs that intonation of the normal digitalization efforts already similarly established with anybody else. No one would assume that they are still carved from wooden blocks and issued per fax copy only five years after their already returning to then peaceful Ukraine.

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Your concern is touching. I hope you never become a refugee, because who would help you and pay for you? Probably nobody if they knew your attitude to helping "foreigners".

The ugly side of Japan. Thankfully most are opposite thinking to the indifferent posters here on JT.

Japan is "helping" people in immediate need like many other nations. Japan should not be criticized for doing something right, even if it is very limited, it is at least doing something.

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very surprised.

Surprised Japan is helping those in need? I find your surprise, surprising.

gov never made any ID for own citizens but for foreigners-ready anytime.

So nobody in Japan has any ID? I think that is unlikely.

anything wrong with that?

With Japan helping Ukrainians in need? No, nothing wrong with that.

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gov never made any ID for own citizens but for foreigners-ready anytime.

With the endless promotion of the "my number" card this has zero credibility.

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So what have they been using up until now? Must be a nightmare getting an apartment, job, bank account, mobile device. Japan is probably the hardest country to move to in terms of all the visits to different admin offices and forms that are all written in Japanese, but could easily have been translated years ago.

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Government bureaucracy is full of Japanese only forms which require handwritten applications.

But contrast that with anything related to

export and English is the de facto language.

I suggest the Ukrainians pool their resources and start an export company…

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Japan is preparing to issue identity cards to hundreds of Ukrainians who have fled to Japan, authorities said Tuesday, part of efforts to help them re-establish their lives in the country.

Never waited more than a few hours at immigration for my identity card to be prepared.

What's taking so long?

Printer out of ink?

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