Japan reports 33,440 new coronavirus cases


Japan on Thursday reported 33,440 new coronavirus cases, down 7,753 from Wednesday. Tokyo reported 3,042 new cases, down 1,268 from Wednesday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 10, unchanged from Wednesday, health officials said. The nationwide number is 149, down 11 from Wednesday.

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 91.

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What's going on with the vaccines?

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What's going on with the vaccines?

They have been cancelled. Didn't you say yesterday.

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What's going on with the vaccines?

They are reducing the risk from the infection as expected, Last year on this day for example there was approximately one death per every 40 detected infections, today there is approximately a death per every 370 detected cases, a reduction of more than 9 times of the risk.

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the vaccines are working, that’s what’s going on with them, pure and simple.

the numbers are going down and even if you don’t want to believe it, the vaccines are resulting in mild corona cases, like my own this week, that don’t require medical treatment or reporting.

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Now is change of seasons. It will go up then down.

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In Japan, Omicron is the deadliest variant of Covid! It is impossible to factually deny that ! Omicron has killed more people per day , week, month , or year …. When alpha, beta , and Delta hit , there were no vaccines .!. Luckily for the vast majority of responsible people, the vaccines have worked safely as advertised.!.

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If there are more deaths now we have the vaccines, then how have the vaccines worked safely?

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Even if nobody took vaccines te death rate would be lower than a year ago. Delta was a far different beast

That do not prove the vaccines are not being effective, for that you would need to have a comparison between groups with the same demographics and find no differences in hospitalizations and deaths between vaccinated and unvaccinated people, without that the only thing you can say is that the reduction of deaths also comes from the different variant (which of course also accounts for the higher number of cases and total number of deaths) but not that vaccines are not a contributing factor to the decrease.

Comparisons give a huge reduction of hospitalizations and deaths

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Design… you nailed the insensitive part ! You forgot uneducated and immoral.!: He has repeatedly stated that the deaths of the elderly and ill are acceptable…. The obese ??? It’s their fault … he constantly moves the goal posts to fit his patently false narrative or outlandish predictions.!. Forever he falsely claimed that Covid doesn’t affect children …. Until the facts were laid bare ! He’s been anti everything as related to mitigating the spread of Covid …. Just a real piece of work….

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Last year on this day for example there was approximately one death per every 40 detected infections,

Last year we were dealing with Delta, until the weaker Omicron appears end of November

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