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Japan rescuers discover body on burning ferry


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RIP. Sounds like he went down fighting.

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When the news broke that he was missing and was not quickly found in the subsequent searches, I feared the worst but had hoped that by some miracle he might somehow be found alive. Alas, the worst fears have been realised. My sympathies and condolences to Orita-san's family.

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Shynell devaux. I don't really think that he would start a fire. That's an illogical way to die. Its a ship. Maybe he went down and it was hard for him with all that smoke

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The TV news indicated that his last radio (phone?) communication while attempting to extinguish the fire was that he was unsure of which direction he was going/supposed to go.

The report said that was before he "went out of communication", which left it unclear whether it was a technical signal penetration issue or physical inability issue stop to communications.

He appears to have been confused by the darkness and the smoke, and probably overcome by the smoke, in the end.

He does seem to have died bravely trying to do his duty.


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Fire is the worst thing that can happen on a vessel (I know by experience). That officer died doing his duty, no doubt about it. My condolences to his family

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