Japanese researchers conduct world's 1st transplant of iPS heart muscles


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This is great news and step closer to immortality. Pretty soon though we as the human race will be begging to die but we can't.

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Japan Tech. Saving lives. Not bad for a country with people who only learn by rote.

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Heart disease sucks. Gotta hand it to Japanese researchers if they can make this happen. Lost a buddy to a slowly failing heart and he sure could've used something like this.

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Thzre is the need for waiting to know how the patient's heart goes.

I wish the research team success

There is already another leading project about heart going on for a while with Carmat, an 100% biocompatible artificial heart. There is a CE marking hoped this year for that product and a large plant to make them is some 20 miles from my place.

No idea if it is for equivalent same heart failures but I'd be happy to get an heart instead of dying for waiting a real heart in all cases.

Good luck to researchers !

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