Japan restarts another reactor, 4th since tsunami disaster shutdown


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Come on Japan. It is about time you started to properly invest money and technical know-how into renewable energies. Japan is ideally suited for solar, geothermal, wind and wave powered energy generation but like so many other countries, they are led by individuals with personal interests in major power companies.

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I'd like to put to Mr Abe just one question…only one.

"What will you have to say (God forbid) if there is another Fukushima type disaster?"

Japan has had it's "warning"

This is the land of robots, bright lights and self flushing toilets…

Can't they invest in safer alternatives?

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This means that the electric bill will go down, right? Right?

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The hot summer months are just around the corner. People will be firing up their AC's and drinking cold ones. So fire-up those reactors Japan.

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The hot summer months are just around the corner. People will be firing up their AC's

no change in 28C setting ?!

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all those protests, all those anti-nuke commentators, as I predicted did exactly nothing, welcome back nuke power.

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Another bullet in the Russian roulette barrel!

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" Can't they invest in safer alternatives? "

Can you list those "safer alternatives? And don´t start phantasizing about windmills...

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Couple of points...interesting that willi gets marked down for asking a simple question yet neither of the people who marked him down have offered a safer alternative. Aldo. are still no nukes in Japan. Nukes the.terminology accepted by the likes of the Oxford English dictionary to describe nuclear weapons. So those anti nuke protestor have continued to achieve what they wanted.

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One by One !! Yes!!! No other way !!!

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The citizens do NOT want nuclear power. Simple as that.

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According to a J news article today, (although the exact figures are not officially available), it is calculated that one fuel rod of plutonium/uranium MOX costs about 900,000,000 JPY, roughly nine times a uranium rod. Each rod is 4 meters long and weighs 700 kg.

There will be four of these in No.4 reactor, just starting up, and 24 in No.3 which started last month.

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The citizens do NOT want nuclear power. Simple as that. but theyll get it whether they like it or not.

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It is not just a problem of Japan. We have a plenty of operating power plants in Europe and there are some new under construction as well. But as can be easily seen from simulations, consequences of an accident can be quite bad

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