Japan reveals plans to put a man on moon by 2030

By Rodger Bosch

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It could be done a lot faster if they just assemble and launch the module from ISS but I guess it won't be a Japan initiative any more.

Modify the Konotori H-II Transfer Vehicle so it can accommodate humans and use it as the mission module. Then bring fuel, oxygen, rations and the landing module on another flight. Dock the two in orbit and prep in space.

The command module's engine can be ion propulsion so the fuel doesn't take up mass.

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so spend 100 billions yen on something thats already been done 50yrs ago using tech most probably borrowed from America. while having a presence on the moon is important it should be done purely for science and space exploration, not as a measuring stick against Japans neighbors on who has the biggest tool oops I mean tech.

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LOL... Beats funding affordable, accessible child-care, eh Japan?!

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With the falling birthrate, country will need every citizen to stay here!

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Great! I hope they succeed.

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Here's a far simpler solution. Take care of the only home we have and the only home we'll ever have and leave the rest of the universe alone.

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Japan: Put a man on the moon in 2030.

The very next day, apply for the landing site to have World Heritage status.

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Never. Gonna. Happen. I'd love if I were 6'6", but that's not a reasonable explanation either

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China's already ahead of them. Why the need to focus on what's been done? Japan needs to try being original and put the money and tech towards something new. Aim higher and start planning directly for Mars.

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So, here we see Japan a generation behind again. Why would they waist so much money on such a trivial pursuit? It's been done before. There is nothing new to learn. Put the money into child and aged care!

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Would rather the money spent on more schools

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A waste of time and money.What's out there for us?

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Of all the things to pour money into, space exploration and the basic research that underpins it are probably the least worst option.

What's out there for us?

Alot of the unique challenges that need to be overcome to make something like this possible eventually have civilian applications. It's arguable that some of these discoveries are unlikely to be made any other way.

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Makes perfect sense with many Tohoku residents unable to return home, acute childcare shortages, and tens of billions of dollars needed to clean up Fukushima dai-ichi;

waste money on an a useless project to satisfy a few old China-hating bastards that will be long dead by the time they get there

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At least if Japan sets foot on the moon we won't be hearing arguments that it's been their territory since ancient times because the moon is mentioned many times in ancient literature. Seriously, nothing wrong with Japan continuing to participate with NASA, as well as all our allies. Or even non-allies like Russia. China on the other hand is playing their own game, running completely military applications towards space, the ability to take down all our satellites to disrupt the GPS system, and in the meantime they flood Hollywood with money to make China appear to be America's "friend" in space. OK, I guess we never learned from the "Peaceful Rise" routine. Anyone who thinks that China's manned orbit, which the USSR did some 56 years ago puts them "ahead" of Japan who has landed and brought back a probe from the surface of an asteroids using ion propulsion has no idea what they are talking about.

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Why? The money would be better of spent on social care for the elderly, child care, improving schools, getting the homeless off the streets etc. The only reason I see why Japan wants to do this is because they are afraid China will get there first.

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If it was fully privately funded , couldn't care less....But it's not so , hey J govt. stop wasting our tax money on this macho stunt,p...why don't they run a nation wide survey to find out what percentage of citizens want to see their tax spent on this bragging rights exercise versus pensions, medical , nursing, child care and a ton of other more important things that govt is whining about not having funds for without raising taxes.

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By the time Japan puts a man on the moon, he'll be able to buy Chinese take-out at a corner deli there.

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Seems like a waste of money that could be better spent elsewhere in order to help Japan to be seen as Leading the way rather than following in someone else's footsteps.

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It is never possoble. Just waste of money and time. No one has that power put man on Moon.

NASA deceived people of that generation to believe it but not anymore.

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I also say to spend the resources on serious R&D in Japan that will bring real benefit to the people.

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This is a great incentive for every tax payer to max out their furusato nozei 'donations', for those who aren't already.

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Please put the money in the national pension program!! I'd like to retire in 30 years. And we are broke anyway!

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From all the comments I'm guessing it's a "no go for launch".

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As long as all the tecch is Japanese I agree. Also put small people its cheaper

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Is ir April fool's today?

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When will people learn to read articles and not just base their comments on the title and on what other people write?

Come on,

The idea is to first join a NASA-led mission in 2025 to build a space station in the moon's orbit, as part of a longer-term effort by NASA to reach Mars.

Japan is just tagging along for the ride!

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hey only about 60 years late.. try something new

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Better get there before China. Otherwise, they'll claim the moon and its flying space(?) space as their own.

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the moon will need vending machines

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It's just another stupid (much later than my responsibility to implement) sound bite plan. A distractor at best. Clean up the mess in Tohoku first might be money better spent. Always tomorrow.

gotta have something to replace the "everything sorted by 2020" mantra currently being rammed down our throats.

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Never. Gonna. Happen. I'd love if I were 6'6", but that's not a reasonable explanation either

I imagine that early explorers to the furtherst corners of the globe were dismissed as well...

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Why bother going to the moon Japan? Clearly China has already drawn up some maps that look about 400 to 500 years old and clearly show the the South China Seas and their remote islands extends all the way to the moon.

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BlattamexiguusJuly 2  08:36 pm JST

It's just another stupid (much later than my responsibility to implement) sound bite plan. A distractor at best. Clean up the mess in Tohoku first might be money better spent. Always tomorrow.

gotta have something to replace the "everything sorted by 2020" mantra currently being rammed down our throats.

Record stuck much?

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This must be the LDP's newest tactic to try to stay in power until 2033 - vote for us or the moon mission will be scrubbed!

I don't think this goal seems very realistic.

How is Japan going to send a man to the moon when, as a global superpower, it is at its weakest standing in decades if not its weakest standing since WW2? Japan can't even figure out how to solve its population and economic problems which are significant (Japan has the highest debt load of any developed nation). Or perhaps they are planning to bankrupt the country with this program?

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Real useful. Maybe Japan could bid for the 2032 Olympic Games and hold them there.

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Great to hear! Far more money needs to be spent on space tech and research. Hopefully a manned Mars mission is in the works too

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