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Japan says temporarily halting work on new US base in Okinawa


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Why does this article call Governor Takeshi Onaga,

the combative governor of Okinawa. ?

Prime Minister Abe is pushing for the base and the people in Okinawa (not Okinawan people) elected a governor to show that they don't want the Henoko base, doesn't this make Prime Minister Abe combative, rude, etc...?

Why name call one side of the argument but not the other...or why name calling at all?

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"combative"...they should have said "feisty'...

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Just a one month delay? With all them protesters, why not just trash the whole plan altogether? After 70 years of peace, let Japan provide it's own security.

The one-month delay comes as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is seeing his popularity plunge, largely owing to his efforts to expand the role of pacifist Japan’s military.

Ohh, but expanding SDF scope of duty -in order to provide that security- makes for a situation exhibiting an apparently contradictory nature.

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