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Japan scrambles jets to head off Chinese plane


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Send it the Ospreys! Big birds always scare the prey away.

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For supersonic jets, this piston engine planes were very hard to intercept as the Y-12 pilots may 'stall' their plane in mid air and the jets will past in fornt and turn around for another chasing! By the way, what does China has to lose, sure they know the JASDF shall never pull the triggar like Soviets did in cold war! It is definately a 'sucker game' for suckers!

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Japan's jets fly too fast? Send in the Ospreys if they can fly that far even with the extra tank. This story is absurd.

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The riots didn't erupt across China, that's not allowed, they were ordered.

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I'm surprised no riots in China occurred. Yet.

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Lets atop the show off already....

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The riot can be expected if something stupidly went wrong. So Japanese companies should be getting out of Communist China ASAP.

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Yawn, ska Chinese plane is flying in international airspace near islands that Japan claims as their own but are not internationally recognised as theirs and the Japanese launch fighter aircraft to scare the small unarmed passenger plane away! Hmm over reaction / bullying, or just trying to look tough Japan!

Please explain what right you had to do this? That's right absolutely non what so ever hey!!!

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