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This image shows a Chinese fishing boat capsized off Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture, on Tuesday. Image: The 11th Regional Japan Coast Guard Headquarters via AP

Coast guard searches for 5 crew from capsized Chinese fishing boat


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The fishing boat’s activity and movement or the cause of the capsizing was not known.

In case there are plenty of sophisticated electronic equipments found in the boat, you can surely know that these men are the Chinese Maritime Militia (CMM).

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Its terrible the ship capsized. Most likely recovery that far out is not going to happen easily.

Catch lost.

Five crew members lost.

Shen Lian Cheng vessel lost.

Very high price to pay for Chinese encroachment into Japanese waters. Or disputed waters.

This time of year and the water temp. 12 to 15 hour window of recovery I would say. Realistically.

Two to four hours before hypothermia takes hold and if no life jackets. Over.

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Pulling a heavily loaded net onto a fishing vessel has in the past and will continue to be a risky exercise.

that’s assuming they were in fact ‘fishing’

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Sigh. The conspiracy theorists are out in force today. Fishing boats, even big modern American fishing boats, sink with some regularity. As mentioned, having a heavy net full of fish hanging over the side combined with high seas can capsize a fishing vessel. Ice accumulation too. Engines fail and without steerage the boat tends to get beamwise to the waves, and over she goes. The waters off Asia are dense with fishing craft because it's a good place to fish and there is a ready market for whatever they can catch. The Chinese have a vast fleet of fishing boats legitimately fishing and they don't go out alone. It is highly likely there was another Chinese fishing boat nearby to pick up survivors. I would be more surprised if there wasn't. It doesn't sound like too many of you have been out to sea. There are places where navigating a big ship requires care due to the density of fishing vessels. North Arabian Sea in particular (and they are yakking away on every radio frequency including freqs supposedly reserved for your own organization to use), but South China Sea, Yellow Sea and even some places like the Gulf of Cadiz are full of fishing boats (remembering a night off Rota where I had close to 40 visual contacts working and none were visible on our ship's radar, they were tiny fishing boats with a lantern over the stern to attract fish or I would not have seen them either, the OOD came stomping up to my lookout post thinking I was hallucinating until I handed him the binoculars and pointed some out to him).  The fishermen all know each other and take care of each other at sea. Everyone wants to go home safely. If one has trouble the others come to their aid. It is the way of seafarers everywhere to do so.

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Fishing has never been the safest of occupations as any fishing village the world over will tell you.

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@Alan Harrison

Or disputed waters.

Water around Ishigaki isn't disputed, only the Diaoyu Islands.

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Sorry to hear that, but it looks like a canoe.

Must be a Chinese model; should've bought an Old Town.

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Very high price to pay for Chinese encroachment into Japanese waters. Or disputed waters.

The article says "near". Very tragic.

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1.1°C-1.6°C between the temperatures at the surface and at 20 meters' depths for skilled special 5 man ops team is very doable using proper scuba gear and underwater scooters to get them to shore and conduct special ops or setup monitoring stations, i.e communications etc. Then later get picked up by a sub. easy to hide the gear and themselves as well.

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Five of its 10 crew members were rescued Tuesday by another Chinese boat passing nearby, the Japanese. The question is? Was there 10 crew members. If those numbers come from China I don't believe it, another chinese boat just so happen to be passing by as this boat was sinking to save 5 men!!! I don't believe it! What I do believe is the chinese were out in Japanese waters doing some under cover eavesdropping. LMFAO they go all over the world and steal fish and this boat just so happen to capsize? I say the boat had trouble and there was no way to save it and to cover up the operations and to conceal the equipment from being found by the Japanese they had to sink it and the other boat came to the rescue to save the 5 crew members all the while they laugh as the Japanese wasting their time searching for nothing. I don't trust nothing coming from or out of China! I guess the more of the story is you pay a huge cost for stealing fish from your neighbors!

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Pulling a heavily loaded net onto a fishing vessel has in the past and will continue to be a risky exercise.

*In this case "the weather in the area was windy with rough waves" which makes it all the more dangerous.*

These fishers were fathers, brothers and sons to their families.

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