Japan seeks bloggers for cyber-charm tourism drive


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What the same formula as the JETs......................

Inviting people who likley have little or no interest in Japan to blog for J-tourism & export of J-food....................what about a little give & take huh instead of only trying to take

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It appears that they see "a one-week trip to Japan" as the "give" part.

If that's all-expenses-paid, it's not a bad deal, particularly for those located far away: it could be a pretty hefty air fare. The costs of living and traveling in Japan for a week aren't trivial, either.

Of course, there's a real risk that the plan could backfire, if the influential bloggers conclude that Japan is in fact not so safe as the government wants them to believe it is.

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How can a foreign blogger with zero experience of Japan or the dangers of radioactive contamination confirm if Japan is safe or not?

Surely this is a waste of taxpayers' money?

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Smacks of desperation

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Japan’s diplomatic missions research the scale of nominees’ cyber-audience before offering them a one-week trip to Japan, the official said

No stimulation but desperation.

Japanese never understand this fact. Free loaders are free loaders all the way. They will never spend one yen while they are in Japan. Yen is too strong for all foreigners to visit Japan while many can go to Hawaii and spend less.

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Talk about focusing on the wrong market.

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JAPAN ROCKS!!!... now, gimmie a ticket..... and i'll blog the same comment.... lame.....

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kurisupisuMay. 13, 2012 - 08:14AM JST

How can a foreign blogger with zero experience of Japan or the dangers of radioactive contamination confirm if Japan is safe or not?Surely this is a waste of taxpayers' money?

That's the way Japan likes it, bright eyed and newbie, don't bang the door on your way out. NHK's 'Cool Japan' program actively seeks non-japanese with less than 2 years experience of living in Japan.

They could always use Japanese bloggers and we know how riveting that would be..... 'I cleaned my room'........... 'I watched TV'....... 'I read manga'......'I ate 7-11 bento'..... 'I slept'.

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J-Gov thinks all kids in the world are as naive, submissive and ignorant as their own, and theirs to corrupt freely? That's just sad.

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Wow... that seems like a big middle finger to the many devoted and already very popular bloggers here in Japan.

But a middle finger to people already living here is to be expected. They simply perpetuate the economic flow. Not add to it.

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Is that how it's going to be? Better to bribe ignorant civilians to "see" radioactive contamination than to let independent radiation safety experts to do measurements?

Why is Japanese official propaganda so badly transparent?

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Head palm... why don't they actually use that time, money and effort to actually improve the safety rather than on PR?

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Instead of trying to convince with talks that Japan is completely safe, try to show the world how it really is and people will make their own conlusion and go to Japan or not. People can think and choose by themself given they have some trustfull infos. But seeing the communications tactics and handling since 3/11 and then thinking some cool Japan action will make people forget about everything, wrong or right, safe or not, is just not being very aware of how things work out of the island... But then so many people don't care, forget, don't want to see or whatever, so it might actually bring some tourist in and they will go back home and that's it.

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include Khaled Hamza, who edits the Muslim Brotherhood website in Egypt

the hell is that ....they didn't find any good bloggers except this one : ....!

btw i am from Egypt ...and Muslim Brotherhood has bad rep between the educated people here ....! because they use Islam for their own benefits and they are cowards ...!

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Crazy to use these bloggers in the first place and especially this muslim guy unless Japan is intent on bringing Muslims to Japan which is a bad idea anyways. Muslims are just bad for society in the first place and should stay at home where they belong with their own kind. Next we will be getting some pro-Jewish bloggers then pro-gay then who knows what else.

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First step in increasing tourism: Remove the hefty tariff Japan imposes on each passenger on an international flight. That is nearly $600 now coming from the US.

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Isn't it funny how they never seem to ask the foreigner who LIVE in Japan what they think? Perhaps they are worried abotu bad PR?

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When I lived in the US, I remember much tourism PR for various countries on TV, radio, and in print, but not once did I see any for Japan.

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more promotion of AKB48 !! Free tickets and photo-op back stage. THAT should draw in tourists. LOL

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The truth is that Japan does have many good traits so why not focus on those? There are many beautiful places all around the country that would attract visitors in a flash. More or less unknown places in the countryside, great onsen everywhere, good food and (as long as you're a tourist) friendly and helpful people and let's not forget the relative safety in the major cities. All those things is something that all tourists would appreciate. Japan doesn't need foreign bloggers (or any bloggers) to promote this country in an artificial way. Most people outside Japan have the skill of critical thinking and will see right through some paid blogger that says: " It's OK now. The food is safe - no radiation here." To even try to ride on the Arab Spring movement is a miss. That thing was about questioning things, wanting change for the better and enormous perseverence and self-sacrifice, none of which Japan stands for.

I have a better idea: Hire whatever team made the "Malaysia, Truly Asia"-campaign. I have never seen a better tourism campaign than that. Incredibly persistent with great footage and showing things that appealed to me.

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Idiotic idea.

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no way they can get tourists to get over here, earthquakes, radiation, not to mention the weird crimes over the last few months...

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I'm still not coming

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Actually, it looks as though Japan's image isn't all that bad:

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This appears to be the latest iteration of that plan a year or so ago to give out 10,000 round-trip tickets to promote tourism. I believe that initial plan also intended to target established bloggers.

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I normally spend three weeks in Japan for my holidays every year... let me do it hahaha

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