1st foreign cruise ship in 3 years arrives in Japan


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Fully vaxxed, wearing masks. Really nice to see.

Welcome to Japan - have a fabulous holiday!

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Tons of foreign tourists because Japan has become a cheap holiday destination.

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For all those doubters that tourists are NOT here - then I suggest you check Hotel Rates for the 24-27 Match when the Sakura is due to bloom and flights from overseas.

A quick check of the 5 star Hotels in Central Tokyo will give you rates of between 150,000-300,000 Yen a night for the 'smaller' rooms that are actually left. Slim pickings by the way.

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Diamond Princess?!?

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Fully vaxxed, wearing masks. Really nice to see.

Welcome to Japan - have a fabulous holiday!

Both were clearly ineffective.

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OMG. Arriving in Japan on a cruise ship being welcomed by the perfect view of the magnificent Mt. Fuji.! I am really jealous of those lucky passengers onboard that ship.

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Wonderful, congratulations to everyone involved and to Japan. It's been long coming.

Glad to see life getting back to normal and people are having good times.

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I was actually hoping that the "Crown Princess" would have been the first one to make a stop here in Japan!

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Fighto! Today  04:46 pm JST

Fully vaxxed, wearing masks. Really nice to see. 

Welcome to Japan - have a fabulous holiday!

well, I was in Tōkyō Monday and Tuesday this week, saw a lot of tourists, nary a one wearing a mask, even jam-packed on the Yamanote.....

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Want a free trip on a luxuary cruise ship round the world?

No! Thank you!

I do not wish to be bored !!

To death !!!

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Went on a cruise with the Mrs. WAY back when. Always wanted to go again.

Cruising in Japan is comparatively expensive to my mind compared to US departures.

I would only board fully vaccinated and boosted as they are petri dishes for the virus once it gets loose.

Wouldn't be interested in wearing a mask anymore.

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Meet the same people every day?

At the swimming pool?

At the tennis courts?

At walks on deck?

At the gaming table?

At breakfast?

At lunch?

At dinner?

And my poor brain wondering, trying hard to think of what to say to them besides, Good Morning? Good afternoon? Good evening? Good night?

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Cruise ships with capacity for many many thousands of people who do not know what to do with their lives or their $$$$$$ ?

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Welcome people to Japan!!..

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That looks like an old cruise ship by today's standards.

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Diamond Princess?!?

Nope. MS Amadae, built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, completed in 1991 and originally named MS Asuka. Her original owners were Nippon Yusen Kaisha, which I believe is owned by MHI. Phoenix Reisen bought her in 2006 and changed her name to Amedae. She is one of the older cruise ships still in service and at just under 29,000 tons carrying 624 passengers very much on the small side.

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