36 C in Niigata Pref a record high temperature for October in Japan


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Perhaps its hotter because everyone is buying more aircon's to keep themselves cool ?

Or alternatively, temperature recording devices are becoming more accurate ... or are being placed in more appropriate positions to take such readings ?

Eitherways, It's hot this year, but it's been hot some other years too in the past.

I recall the Summer droughts in the early 70's, but skating upon frozen lakes such as seen on Christmas cards... has always been a rarity - yet seemed back in the time quite the norm.

The looming Oil crisis before, and now Global Warming, are perhaps "trends" which will morph into another future pending crisis that will be upon us - perhaps the next one will be "Fresh Water" related (as has been hinted at in past articles elsewhere).

All these scare tactics undoubtedly do some good... in some ways, by focusing attention towards new technologies, different approaches, etc. Change... but who... is driving these changes in direction and raising these new imminent disasters - I dont think it's the Scientists per-se... as Science particularly, nowadays is predominantly sponsored. So, It's really hard to know, what is real truth these days given all the "information" that we have available to us, just as is the case with Politics.

I guess we just have to make our own minds up, and adjust according to the way we feel right, rather than the way others tell us.

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Why does the temperature in this story keep changing? Was it half a degree Celsius warmer than reported?

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But it's October so everyone will be in their winter clothes - suit jackets and long sleeve shirts.

True, out and about today in blazing heat I saw people wearing cardigans, hoodies, thick tights, big boots.

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But it's October so everyone will be in their winter clothes - suit jackets and long sleeve shirts.

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Already Tokyo is autumn,but why climate is hot yet?Today was over 30℃!?

I can't stop sweat(^^;)

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Super glad it's supposed to be hotter tomorrow during my kid's 6 hour sports festival.

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