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Japan Self-Defense Forces' top officer hospitalized from overwork


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So recruitment problem is real, now those load is getting to the top?


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And in the middle East... 30,000 dead in Gaza Strip, and the ISA gets ready to strike Rafah.

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I was hospitalized for overwork once. It's something one never really recovers from as it is more mental than physical. At his age, he should work an easy position for a couple more years then retire - he'll never recover sufficiently to resume his previous post.

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Self-Defense Forces' top officer hospitalized from overwork

Fat lot of good he would be in a war situation.

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Take care Gen Yoshihide Yoshida, as work as as important as it is, it never ends. Health first, work second.

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Don’t even hear about generals in Ukraine in active war zone having this problem.

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There is no mention of what they classified as being over worked for this man. Do they know just how many ordinary Japanese people are over worked and underpaid, yet they cannot afford to be 'ill' or hospitalised because of having to pay just to live and survive. I doubt this general will face any of these problems.

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thanks for informing the public. Recently someone super high-rank just be admitted to hospital, even without the president knowledge. that is very bad precedent

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