Japan sends 2 SDF planes, 70 personnel to help fight Australia fires


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Good for the firefighters to help out.

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This is a good thing.

I notice that the 2 aircraft are C-130s. I was part of a unit that used C-130s for fire-fighting duty here in California and throughout the Western US. IMO, they are the best fire fighting planes ever developed. It seemed very wrong-headed to me when the Republican administration of Ronald Reagan decided that the government should turn over aircraft fire fighting duties to civilian contractors, as part of his ideology of "getting the government out of peoples' lives." It costs the taxpayers more, and no one has ever matched the fire-fighting capabilities that our unit had with our C-130s. The planes were already paid for, used year round for all kinds of duties, staffed by volunteers, and had amazing fire fighting abilities, unmatched before or since. As a result of Republican ideology, tax money is wasted, and peoples' lives and property are lost due to the inferior ability of civilians to do what we used to do.

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Thank you SDF. Hats off to all involved.

This is staggering:

at least 28 people have died

The bushfires have affected more than 10 million hectares of land, an area larger than South Korea, with over a billion animals estimated to have perished in the blazes in multiple states in southeast Australia.

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Australia should also hire Russian fire-fighting aircraft. They have some of the largest water-carrying planes and helicopters.

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Many thanks to Japan for assisting Australia. This will not be forgotten. All help provides hope for those effected, and many communities need a lot of help. Japans generosity and the courage of the SDF service personnel to assist is very much appreciated. Thank You.

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Big arigato Japan. Aussies have a long memory for stuff like this.

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Thank you SDF for your service and help.

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Thanks mates!

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Good one - Thanks for the assistance.

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Good on Japan and the JSDF helping out an ally in difficult times.

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