Japan sends cargo to space station


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This cargo vessel will be joined with the ISS using ISS's robot arm SSRMS. (Space Station Remote Manipulator System).

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@walteryJul. 22, 2012 - 01:59AM JST

Akihiko Hoshide will use it cargo for start little satellites in space. I suppose that JAXA will test new technology for little satellites. May be JAXA hope create new world space market for Japanese technology: little low cost satellite.

JAXA can use and offer own technology for create robotics for Fukushima. I can not understand why JAXA technology not used for solving Fukushima problems.

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Let's hope they can use some of tbe same trchnology and spirit to delier some relife to the people left deviststed by the earthquake and Fukushima accident.

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@YuriOtaniJul. 22, 2012 - 01:03AM JST

Sorry. That is my joke. Like Japanese politics worried around NK rocket.

That is good event.

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BessonovYan, so true but it has never been tested as such. China and Russia both have these deployed. So why no congrats on a successful civilian launch?

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H-IIB rocket can be used for transport of a-bomb cargo.

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Wonder what the cost per kilo is? There's a lot of companies vying for delivery duty to the ISS now. Perhaps the near future looks bright for non governmental space stations too?

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Well's not Rocket Science!!!

OK, maybe it is.....

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Japan sends cargo to space station

so thats where my furniture went...

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