Japan joins international aid operations for quake-hit Nepal


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condolences to the people who are in pain, in grief because of the lost of their loved one and property hope and pray for the recovery of the injured people, good move by Japan

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Sorry about what happened, wish those who are alive could move on with better life, God bless everyone!

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Good on them. Japan has a lot of expertise in the area and knows what to look for, so they are in a prime situation to offer help and aid. It's good to see other nations jumping to help as well. RIP to those lost, and here's hoping the relief work and aid offered by others, and those from home, help save as many people as possible.

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Japan can provide its expertise in building earthquake proof buildings ,houses and smart cities in the subcontinent on long term basis as entire area is located on a titanic earthquake zone which can cause vast devastation at any time in the future.

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Yet there are some PRC/ SK government supporters lunatics who says that Japan doesn't deserve respect. They rely on the past to say bad things about Japan, but Japan has helped all Asians em all areas. I hope that people of Nepal can overcome such tragedy and get all help that they need. Be strong Nepal!!! Be sure that everyone in Japan wants your well.

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Poor people. And while I'm sorry mainly for people, of course, myt heart is also broken for the destruction of some precious monuments, like the beautiful Dharahara Tower. I live in a very seismic country as well (Italy), that shares also the problem to have a huge quantity of historical monuments and buildings. It's not easy to protect them, and you can't simply rebuild some old cities according to modern anti-seismic rules, you must keep them like they are because of their artistic value.

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wow, that was fast. Wishing a successful tour. My heart goes out to the people.

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Only look at this pic:

Besides all the precious human lives, also this part of hystory was lost for ever. I feel so bad, in the first place for people, this is obvious, but also for the destruction of part of their hystory. It's so heartbreaking. Be strong, Nepal! RIP to all the precious lives lost in this tragedy.

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At least one Japanese NGO/NPO has offices and local medical staff, doctors, nurses, etc., already in place around Asia, including Nepal, to deal with emergency disaster relief for events as this right from the start . Respect to all involved in the relief effort.

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Remote areas will be totally wiped out and who knows when anyone can get there to help if any life truly exists. So sad!

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JapanToday, please share if you know where/how to send financial help from Japan. Thank you.

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With generous aid pouring into Nepal the tiny nation will soon come out of the present crisis!

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While this Vedic astrology writer has been contributing to urge readers to come forward to help Nepal, the gesture of Japan to join international aid operations in quake-hit Nepal is commendable.

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