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Japan sends missile units to southwestern island to face China threat


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peaceful China

Rodney, do you honestly believe this? As an American I can admit my country is waaaay to involved in other parts of the world that we should not be meddling in. Can you admit that China and the mythical 9 dash line map is nothing more than a land grab?

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Stop wasting time and put the batteries on the Senkakus themselves! China won't respect anything else!

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Some 570 or fewer GSDF members will be stationed at a newly established garrison on Ishigaki island in Okinawa Prefecture, with some assigned to land-to-ship and land-to-air missile units, according to the Defense Ministry.

Don't worry, in time it will be more!

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Such a beautiful island. Too bad this his become necessary.

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As someone who vacations every year in these western Okinawan islands, including next month, we've seen the military buildup taking place.

Other nearby remote islands accessible by boat from Ishigaki for those wanting more 'peaceful' environment.

One must understand they've been crushed due to the pandemic, so most welcome the economic development of Japanese military personnel and their families as society there's aging and shrinking, desperately need the younger generations to keep the schools open etc.

Plus, best way to prevent war is deterrence, peace thru strength doctrine, right?!

I'm sure fine folks in Taiwan, who happen TO LOVE ISHIGAKI, approve 'on average' of such defensive/anti invasion military enhancements to the troubled region.

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More of this to come.

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The best deterrence against a possible Chinese invasion of the Senkakus would be having GSDF troops stationed on the disputed islands. What’s keeping the Japanese government from doing that?

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Japan needs to send some to the Senkaku islands for a few weeks deployment and training, not just "near" them. Are they Japanese or not? If they are, then dont be afraid to have troops and buildings on YOUR islands. If they are not, then hand them over to Taiwan so they can put a base and troops there.

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This is a reasonable move. Although in my opinion, doing this a decade ago or even before that would have been preferable.

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RodneyToday 08:01 am JST

So we are threatening peaceful China with our tax money? The dinosaurs do know what happened in 1945, or did they forget?

Moving troops around your own territory is now a threatening behavior? Why?

China building islands in other nations EEZ's and putting weapons systems and runways for bombers, now that I call threatening because it is not Chinese territory. But Japan putting troops on its own territory is somehow threatening to the huge China military. Unbelievable.

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Good move by Japan and should have been done a very long time ago.

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The 9 dash line map was during a time China certainly was the dominant player of their region.

The 9-dash-line map didn't even appear until just after WW2. Someone in China just drew the line - with no consultation with its neighbors or the world bodies. Just a map out of nowhere or nothing

Arguable that China was a dominant player in that region yet at that time. Most likely the Allies were the dominant players right after the war

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Awa no GaijinToday  09:00 am JST

This can't be good for the local tourist industry which is quite important

This has absolutely no effect on the local tourist industry as the base isnt near tourist destinations.

unless of course people don't fancy holidaying on the front line of the new Cold War.

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Good move. China has given ample demonstrations of its opportunism (seizing any territory, anywhere, no matter who has a rightful claim to it, when it's left undefended) and Japan is wise to follow the old dictum the dictator Chairman Xi knows oh so well: "POSSESSION IS nine-tenths of the law."

Plus, it would be silly to imagine a near-future where Asian countries, desperate for resources closer to home, wouldn't be dipping their resource exploration and development efforts into other countries' officially recognized territories, if given half the chance. China already does it ALL THE TIME, so it's not even "near-future": just ask Malaysia, or Vietnam, or the Philippines, or India, or Korea, or....you get the picture! Not to mention the fact that current international law allows the country POSSESSING said territory the legal right to develop resources not just there, but up to 200 nautical MILES out from the shores of said territory, a-la Exclusive Economic Zones rights. (Hence, China's outrageous "nine-dash" claim, which NOT ONE SINGLE OTHER COUNTRY supports, or even recognizes).

Japan's going to need whatever treasures lie under that HUGE area of Japan-exclusive sea. Don't let China "expropriate" it from you on the sly, Nippon!!

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japan should have done this long time ago then the need would arise to buy tomahawks for peaceful existence

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If it's a Japanese island, Japan can do what it wants

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if a war broke out both countries will end up like Ukraine in rubbles. Lets hope Japan can win and have no civilian casualties

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A rally was held near the front gate of the garrison on Thursday, with around 30 people including local residents

Note the “including” local residents. The media is finally admitting that the majority of protestors are communist backed, paid agitators.

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Martin Lohmeyer has an elaborate assessment of the conflicts around Japan. Of course, affinity to a particular country will fill people with passions, which will not even allow them take a look at it. Same goes for patriotism, the anesthesia of humanity. Here is the link:


Not promoting anybody’s side, just sharing information. Keep what makes sense and discard what goes against your thinking logic.

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From their experiences during WWII, the local people know fully enough that the military doesn’t protect them civilians. 

On the contrary, bases are unparalleled targets by enemy fires and

so their presence near residential areas is very, very dangerous. 

On Miyako Island, where JSDF has also built a missile base, an ammunition depot is only 2 to 3 hundred meters off from a village called Bora..

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This can't be good for the local tourist industry which is quite important.

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This is quite different, isn’t it?

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All you mainlanders stay where you are and you won't have to ever look / see it.

"Case Closed...it's MINE, it's MY Island"

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Let the games begin!

This is not a game. Though, most people here are to young to have experienced WW2, and have grown up playing Modern Warfare, in the comfortable of their home. Most people have never fired a gun. Have never had their limbs ripped apart. War is not a game!

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Let the games begin!


-4 ( +4 / -8 )

Chinese invasion of the Senkakus

you can’t “invade” two rocks in the middle of the Chinese sea area. You can probably go scuba diving or collect shellfish though.

-4 ( +12 / -16 )

site of the conflict's bloodiest ground battle on Japanese soil with more than 200,000 civilians and soldiers from the Japanese and American militaries killed.

History will repeat itself but this time it will be with China.

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So we are threatening peaceful China with our tax money? The dinosaurs do know what happened in 1945, or did they forget?

-13 ( +8 / -21 )

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