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Japan sends Y1 bil to S Korean 'comfort women' foundation


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Somehow, I got a feeling this means that statue won't be removed.

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The real question is whether this time, unlike in 1965, this money will reach the people it is earmarked for. South Korea's position that this agreement is irreversible and puts an end to this issue suggest that it will.

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It is because Japan is not paying for the removal of so-called: "That Statue." Japan is admitting its own guilt, bit by bit. Thus Japan is paying for their Per-Second World War Sexual Crimes and for the Second World War Crimes (sexual abuses) itself. Removal of that statue should not and must not brought in at all.

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This is a good move, and hopefully can move the two countries towards reconciliation. Of course there will still be those who will complain and criticize (if there is anything JT has taught us, it's that someone will always complain about everything, no matter what). But, this will silence a lot of the criticism out there - including from myself. I've been saying Japan should do this for years.

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Kabuki Shimazaki: "Somehow, I got a feeling this means that statue won't be removed."

Why should it be? Because it embarrasses Japan by reminding them of what actually happened? This money is a small amount of compensation and an admittance, along with the apology for forcing the women into sexual slavery, that Japan committed horrible human rights violations and stole more than they could every repay from these women and more than a hundred thousand others from SKorea alone. Now they need to apologise to China, the Philippines, the UK, Japanese women, Vietnamese, Indonesians, and all others forced into sexual slavery by Japan. And the statues should NEVER be taken down, same as the Hiroshima Peace memorials shouldn't be dismantled simply because Obama visited and said how horrible war was and committed himself to reducing nuclear weapons stockpiles, etc. In fact, now that Japan has admitted as much, the subject should be reintroduced to history texts with the statement that such things should never happen again, and no one be forced by anyone else to endure what these women did.

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That's Right. Korean Activists should keep trying to elect statues, should keep holding demonstrations all over the places. How about erecting Japanese military sex slavery statues with demonstrations in South Part of Vietnam? Let see how well it goes

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