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Japan, Singapore passports offer widest simplified global access


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How about a passport front the Philippines?

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Whereas this might be true, in a lot of countries I go to Japanese passports cannot be used for Electronic/Biometric entry, which I find curious. In that regard, the Chinese passport seems to be more commonly accepted (for example, in New Zealand, Chinese passport holders can use the electronic entry gates, whereas Japanese passport holders have to queue and see an immigration agent).

I am not quite sure why that is.

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Japan has consistently been in first or second place every year now since they’ve been tracking this.

Sadly, most Japanese are unable to enjoy the benefits of having such great global mobility.

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Perhaps it has something to do with the Olympics? Countries hoping for similar access in 2020?

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If it displays the degree of trust upon a country. It's so good for Japanese people.

Lol, that's so naive.

It shows how economically interesting the japanese tourists are.

Otherwise japan passeport would have the same access worldwide as the rest of the world passeports have access to Japan.

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"Things must have changed"

They certainly have; and apparently the changes bypassed you.


"When we crossed the border by train soldiers with guns got on to check passports. They scrutinised the Japanese passport to make sure the Visa was not fake. "

Of course they did!

Remember the massive influx of Japanese immigrants, all desperate to sneak into the pleasant lands of milk and honey of Eastern Europe? Yeah, they were all over the papers, stories of these malignant Japanese trying to escape poverty in Japan a decade or so ago. Behind the iron curtain was the place to go.

"Times must have changed"

They have indeed; Japanese can afford to eat sushi in Japan nowadays.

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Let's see how long this holds up as Abe continues to build his military and Japan is no longer seen as a peaceful country.

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I am not sure - but I believe the status is only afforded for direct country to country entry.  Thus movement between countries is not covered and may require a visa.

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If it displays the degree of trust upon a country. It's so good for Japanese people.

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