Japan space agency starts recruiting astronauts for 1st time in 13 years


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Sounds like a very interesting and exciting opportunity for those with an adventurous spirit. At 66 I'm probably a bit past the eligibility window, but I'd sign up in a heartbeat if that window opened a little wider.

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No space related experience necessary, just any kind of work experience………

Should be some interesting rounds of interviews coming up.

“Now which combini did you get fired from again?”

They should record them and make a show.

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Just checked, Japanese nationality is a requirement

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I'm afraid they've missed their chance now: I'm too busy teaching English.

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Thank you Maezawa-san for re-igniting the flame of space exploration in japanese!

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To the stars!

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This news was here just a week ago.

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Is nationality a requirement?

School graduation and certification is not a requirement, but I expect the tests to be really selective

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ok there is just one point missing-what rocket they will use since USA have none...?

why they did not teamed up with Roskosmos for example...oh yes "bad" Russians...?

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Yes, I nominate my male CAT, 4 years old, well fit and healthy, light weight and super active . He loves the sound of any space craft .

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