Japan spots 230 Chinese fishing boats off disputed isles


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When is Japan going to wake up and put a structure on the Senkakus? A lighthouse, a helipad, Coast Guard barracks, a McDonalds, anything because that is the only language that China understands. 230 fishing boats plus Coast Guard? That's a White Hull invasion with the Chinese Maritime Militia (aka "fishermen"). Japan is so timid and polite in dealing with China on this issue that China will step by step slice away at it and before Japan realizes it, it will become "sovereign Chinese territory since ancient times". Ancient times as in 1971. The United States has already affirmed that it will defend the Senkakus, and the Chinese PLAN are still afraid of the USN. Now is the time to show some cojones and build on them.

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The Chinese Communist Party has 1.3 billion people to feed or face revolution. You can bet that this is only the beginning.

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It's probably the "little blue men". They are not only fishing boats. They are under government control. Indonesia has already fired shots at them and Argentina sunk one.

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@OssanAmerica - I reckon a big sign that says "Welcome to Japan" would be great!!

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When is Japan going to wake up and put a structure on the Senkakus? A lighthouse, a helipad, Coast Guard barracks, a McDonalds, anything because that is the only language that China understands. 230 fishing boats plus Coast Guard?

An army base wouldnbe better--if it is on the frontier, that is what every country does. Sooner or later, this 250 fishing boots will be 250 armed ships and the Chinese will soon plant the flag and put down an army base, then it is game over. But I think the Japanese can put the base in step by step, and without a lot of publicity, and after a couple of years announce it. That is the best solution.

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It seems that the best method to handle this situation is by achieving the aim of the East China Sea Peace Initiation. The United States, China, and Japan should develop the seas around the Senkaku or Diaoyu Islands and forget about the sovereignty issue. All three parties need to refrain from provocations and set aside their differences. They need to maintain dialogue, observe International law and hopefully resolve the dispute through peaceful means.

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china!!! is ashamed

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"Nothing to see here. We just love fish."



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Imagine at least half of China's population eating fish everyday. We're all screwed.

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Both China and Russia are big - which means in their insensitive brains they rule the jungle. What they want they must have. Bully tactics prevail. This human race is becoming very tedious to me.

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It seems that the communist party called fishermen to go around Senkakus due to ICJ judgement the other day. China shows more bully attitude to the world. It couldn't remain in the international community in the future.

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Now you know where to build the new American bases !

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This is an unfortunate sign of Japanese Naval weakness and no stomach for dealing with the Chinese. Lodging protests will do noting to deter China as they will be back with 500 fishing ships and more armed naval vessels. Protest all you want to the Chinese as you will get the same results nothing will be done. Japan will have to use force and be ready to go to War. Its time they man the disputed rocks as the Chinese did to the Philippines. But again there is no will and Japanese are the servants of the Chinese now.

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Why is it the Chinese continue to "flex their Muscles" in the East China Sea. I always thought a Country only was allowed 5 miles of Sea area from their own Country. It appears the Chinese want to control the World! NO, NO, NO. Only 5 miles.

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So it looks like far-rightist Tokyo mayor Ishihara, who wanted to buy the islands and build there, was right. Chalk one up for the far right! If Abe is really such a far rightist, he should start building on those islands NOW! Otherwise, he is just a RINO! (Rightist In Name Only). A lot of far right talk and textbook revision, but not action.

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If you don't permanent station JSDF vessels around those islands, around the clock, you are going to lose them. That should be completely obvious.

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“We cannot be sure about what the Chinese coast guards are doing for what purposes in the waters,” a Japanese coast guard official told AFP.

Simple. They're pressing ur buttons. Soon, the east china sea will become infested with Chinese naval activity because little by little Japan has allowed them to do so. If any skirmishes flare-up, Japanese can tune in & watch it unfold on TV.

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China wants to start a war.

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Talk about arrogance and stupidity? The latest response from china... And for some reason, I just want to punch that woman in the mouth.

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chinese gov will send as many citizens as it takes, as cannon fodder, to overwhelm the territory they claim is chinese. and japan wont be able to do a single thing about it, because they are unarmed civilians. this is getting bad. it's too late to stop the chinese gov, because every single item we buy in this world says "made in china"

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Lol Welcome to Japan fishermen.

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Why do some folks believe (When there is evidence to the contrary) That Japan has no military capabilities? Do you really believe that Japan will just sit by and continue to do nothing? There is some really bad news awaiting some of you.

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It's provocative and shameful.

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seriously Japan just builds an airstrip & dock on the islands, invite the US and Japan military to set up bases on the islands. place weapons and air to air missiles, anti-ship missiles on them. No different to what Chinas doing

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Near and inside are different things, China wasn't doing anything wrong

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if it was the US we would just bomb them but Japan does not have the fortitude to do it, so keep dealing with China's petulant annoying actions..

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This news is nonsense.

The Japanese government said there is no sovereignty dispute in the Senkakus/Tiauyutai rocks .

Either the media is lying about these sea incursions or someone in the Japanese oligarchy is telling a lie regarding the absence of a territorial dispute .

Guess who is lyin?

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Uncle Sam says it doesn't take a position on the sovereignty of Senkakus/Diaoyu islets. Japan has administrative rights at this point per US. Why does US leave the sovereignty issue open? It is because US wants to make sure Japan and PRC will fight forever and US can easily squeeze advantages from both sides. Such old political tricks.

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230 Chinese fishing boats off Japan island, appeared to be engaged in operation ??? . Next time, they will send ten thousands boats (whatever it called) land on Japan's bigger land . Chinese call it " ten thousands arrows shoot out simultaneously " Guys wake up.!

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Either they crossed border , or not. Be close to a line does not mean you have crossed the red line. So no news'except to anger both sides. Well done USA. Asians are so easily lured...

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Japan needs to be more careful and less meetings, actions and only action that may be upsetting to many will change the course and badgering by China. Remember Tibet, and many others who have faced the Chinese. This is an old cat and mouse game, when the mouse lets the guard down the cat swiftly pounces on the mouse.,,,remember Tibet.

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are solar powered UAV's feasible? How long can they stay up? Just buzz the boats with a few hundred of those along the line and give them a taste of their own medicine

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Once again, history repeats itself : China is getting increasingly desperate with a weakened economy and social unrest caused by continual repression of human rights and mass corruption throughout its systems of authority. Its continual belligerent and illegal actions against its neighbors are a desperate attempt to shift focus away from its dying system. Sadly for China, such actions all but guarantee a continuing lack of respect and disdain throughout the world against China. The children of the ruling Chinese elite continue in a mass exodus to attended prestigious European and American schools. These are the schools of countries which China criticizes but yet it is OK to send its offspring there? Yet again, China continues to test the patience of the world. It is high time to correct China's behavior and teach it a lesson it will never forget so it can fall in line with the civilized world. If not, it will write its own death warrant. History leaves us in no doubt about that.

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China wants to start a war.

I actually think this is pretty true. I think they want to provoke Japan into a military exchange to test Japan, and the US resolve over this. I think this is how they really want to test themselves as a superpower - they want revenge on Japan, they want to hurt them. They have taken what they wanted in places like Tibet and the South China seas, but this is different, this is a serious set of opponents.

It's completely irresponsible.

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I think Japan is concerned that if things go south with China and the Senkaku Islands, the US might not necessarily get involved. The US made it plain to Taiwan not to pull "The Dragon`s Tail" too hard or too often. I imagine this has not been lost on the Japanese government. Someone has already posted that the sovereignty issue should not be an issue. Unfortunately it already is with Vietnam, Taiwan, The Philippines, China, and Japan. Getting that particular Genie back into to the bottle before negotiations can commence will be a very neat trick for someone to pull off.

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With the very real threats of China and North Korea, isn't it about time that Japan have an actual military now instead of the SDF? I doubt China and NK would feel threatened at all by the latter.

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The locusts are swarming.

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Japan needs to go nuclear. I know it goes against everything Japan has stood for since Hiroshima but the reality is that in 20 years, perhaps 30 years, China will have the strongest military in the world. The U.S, even if it wanted too, will not be able to save Japan from attack if that's what China chooses to do. Japan would need Europe, Australia and Canada on its side to have any chance and India as well. The later seems unlikely to help since they share border territory. Even if a coalition of forces won, Japan would be absolutely devastated.

You might think China is too smart to inflict a wound on itself like that but you have to keep in mind that anti-Japanese feelings run deep and with emotions, logic goes out the window. It may seem like an emotional decision to pursue a nuclear option for Japan as well, but its one based entirely on trend and logic. Nuclear deterrence has worked well for 50 years. Arguably, the U.S and Russia would have started WW3 if it wasn't for that deterrence.

If Japan goes nuclear, it will take a couple of decades to research and build that technology so a decision needs to be made soon. Without that deterrence what exactly is there to stop China going all in on Japan? Any short term economic shock can be overcome with the money China will have at its disposal in a couple decades. The West keeps feeding them billions of dollars a year in trade, despite all the rhetoric coming out of China, we seem intent on cutting our own throats so it seems to me that Japan really needs to stare reality in the face and take the most responsible option available to them for the protection of Japan.

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Japan could relocation the U.S. military base from Okinawa to the Senkaku islands.

That would please the Okinawas and have a combat force ready to prevent any ilegal fishing.

That would realy annoy the chinese. :)

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Carina ArvyAUG. 07, 2016 - 08:14AM JST china!!! is ashamed"

How could that be? China is a shameless country; it has no sense of decency or shame.

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Now they're getting brash especially since American Military presence will be diminishing. Good luck Japan defending yourself!

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I wonder if they caught anything...

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