Japan starts eco-point program for housing


The government this week began accepting applications for its housing eco-point program to help support the reconstruction effort in the devastated Tohoku region.

To be eligible, new homes must have been built after Oct 21, 2011, and they must meet certain energy-saving criteria. Houses that have been refurbished since Nov 21, 2011, must show that they are eco-friendly to be eligible for points, TBS reported. Owners of new and refurbished homes will be eligible to receive points equivalent to 300,000 yen per unit in disaster-stricken areas and 150,000 yen in other areas.

Half the points must be redeemed for specified local products or to pay for additional construction costs, according to the government. Applications are being accepted until April 2013 for new homes, and January 2013 for refurbished homes.

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Ecopoint for building a new house started again?? I was told to be in a hurry to earn the point for constructing the houses by the manufacturer, and rushed for it. They flattered!

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"new homes must have been built after Oct 21, 2011, and they must meet certain energy-saving criteria. "

Radioactive concrete and stonework must be aspects of the criteria. Ash from municipal waste and sludge have long been used heavily in Japan's concrete and all of the concrete now used in the Tohoku and Kanto areas is undoubtedly radioactive. Opinions differ on the potential danger. Government officials says its safe.

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So, see if I understand this ---we lost our house due to excessive levels of radiation ---TEPCO and govt has refused compensation of any kind due to location a breath inside Miyagi on the Fukushima border ---they destroyed the local environment---but if I use money I don't have---they use my taxes-----to give me eco-points---to bring my family back ---so they can live in an eco-nightmare----get sick---then use medical services paid for by taxes again.

Great, now I am clear on that, it all makes sense ---find me a builder.

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Nothing about longevity of the housing in there. I seem to remember a scheme to give tax breaks for housing designed to last 50 or 100 years, but I have yet to see any housing advertised as such. That's because it's mostly cheaply-built rubbish that will look like a shanty town after a couple of decades.

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