Japan startup SkyDrive aims for flying taxi service at 2025 World Expo


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I'm finally going to get my flying car I was promised at the New York World's Fair in 1964 when I was young? I've been waiting 56 years. I don't think I'm going to see it.

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Pie in the sky, who. who will control the airspace, helicopter have been flying over city for decades

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I can't even afford regular taxis

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This is basically a rebranding of elite helo services. Might be a bit cheaper now but still.. impossible to conceive of mass air transitmover cities.

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Good proposal but People can't even afford a gas powered taxi unless they work for the government, so why even bother with a flying taxi.

Also there are several companies who developed and successfully tested flying cars why not partner with them and improve on it??

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Had a look at this one.

A bit sad!

There are about a dozen other companies around the world working on similar vehicles including Boeing, Bell helicopter, etc.. all far more advanced most having top speed twice what this one can and flight times ranging from 15 minutes to 45 minutes, with at least 2 occupants ( including the pilot) as this one at this time has half the speed of the slowest competition for now only carries the pilot and a flight time of just 5 minutes on a full charge.

Look more like a very big remote controlled quad "drone" or UAV.

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This has about as much chance of happening in 2024 as "something that has no chance of happening".

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Think of the happiest things. It's the same as having wings

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Accidents in the air and then flying cars crushing down on to pedestrians, great!

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This has disaster written all over it.

Besides, you don't need flying cars; you only need Red Bull. Red Bull gives you wings. Lol.

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This is a flying taxi, not a flying car. It will not travel on any road. Unless it can do both it is miss labeled.

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People on the ground, with clearly delineated lanes and roadways, and multitudes of traffic control devices such as stoplights, signage, and traffic personnel, have such a good record of following rules and avoiding accidents, that I'm sure having traffic in the sky with none of those control measures will turn out just fine. Yes, everything will be fine. Just fine.

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garypen Today | 04:19 pm JST

"Yes, everything will be fine. Just fine."


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Great news. Hopefully we'll be able to enjoy a plate of beans grown on the moon as we fly over the lush forests of Osaka in this flying taxi.

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Yeah that’s not going to end badly.

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Can you really not tell from the context of my post? Seriously?

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Back to the Future had these by 2015 so we are late.

Are these suckers going to be climate change friendly?

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Pie in the sky

That should taste better than Alfie's moon beans. :-)

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It seems like every time some one proposes something cool, some people feel like they have to think of every potential problem as if that's a reason not to try it and perfect it. George Jetson will smile down upon this one from the great beyond.

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It seems like every time some one proposes something cool, some people feel like they have to think of every potential problem as if that's a reason not to try it and perfect it.

People subconsciously feel that if they can push someone away from a potential pitfall, they win a point or something. It makes the feel good to shout out the danger.

When I started my first business, leaving a company where I was stable as a 正社員, with a decent salary, I was told that it was a bad idea, and all the potential downfalls were listed. In the end, it was one of the best moves I have made with my life. That's not to say it will turn out good for everyone, but it was the right decision for me.

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