Japan sticks to nuclear fuel cycling program despite plutonium stockpile


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One way to make the stockpile stop growing would be to turn off all the nuclear reactors.

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Gotta keep those palms greased.......

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In the face of facts, the LDP want to continue an action with no end plan, something is seriously wrong with their criminal actions towards the Japanese people. National, Global irresponsibility by a currupt Buisness political culture.

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Where’s the logic in producing plutonium which can be used in atomic bombs?

The number of reactors using plutonium mox fuel does not warrant the amount of plutonium held or being processed.

Why does the Japanese government wish to hoard so much ?

It is very suspect...

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"Why does the Japanese government wish to hoard so much ?

It is very suspect..."


"Japan has plutonium, rockets and rivals. Will it ever build a nuke?"

"Japan owns enough plutonium to create at least 6,000 nuclear warheads."


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Let's use-up the Plutonium stockpile productively and bring more energy to people's homes, businesses and factories.

Government should invest in next-gen molten chloride salt fast reactors which consume Plutonium.

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