Gov't streamlines celebration for crown prince's ascension


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Again, using taxpayers money right? So maybe I should get an invitation too? I mean I pay taxes right?

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Really? Is that how it'll work? I'm not a fan, I have to say.

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Not a fan of royalty but I much prefer the other couple - more sincerity.

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De Jure should end, De Facto should begin

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Again, using taxpayers money right? So maybe I should get an invitation too? I mean I pay taxes right?

Maybe if you were an LDP supporter from Yamaguchi you might have a chance :)

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We're talking about something that will happen, probably, no sooner than 2040 or even 2050, yes?

Somehow I think the world and Japan will be completely different by then.

Japan will, at that point, have shrunk from 125 million people to 100 million or less. With nearly 40% of the population 65 yo or older.

Does anyone truly think that the current imperial system and the expenditures on it are going to remain untouched?!

Moderator: The story refers to an event that will take place in April.

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With japanese people that cannot afford to eat, it is time things are done more pratically and kindly.

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Japan’s population will not go down so much. What’s going down is the native, ‘blue blood’ Japanese. Lots of foreigners will be / are coming. Their marriage to Japanese and their descendants will be here multiplying. The J gov’t is not counting them. I’ll bet the Japanese population doesn’t go below the 100,000,000 counting all the Samaritans here. Japan will change very much. It’ll be an interesting place to be in. Also there’ll be as much racism and discrimination as in any other country.

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