Workers struggle to restore water supply to flood-hit towns

By Kiyoshi Takenaka

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Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga, the government spokesman, urged people in flood-hit areas to take precautions against the heat, and guard against thunderstorms.

Why isn't the government sending a massive convoy of trucks filled with water to Kurashiki already? Would that be too hard to arrange? Abe could visit so apparently they have access and if else fly the tanks in by helicopter. The government is sitting on a pile of cash, they are too slow to think of anything logical or undertake anything whatsoever.

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Something I learned during the Kumamoto quakes: there's generally no shortage of drinkable water, and bathing can be postponed - but flushing the toilet quickly becomes a priority. I recommend keeping a supply of water for this use.

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I think an even more major issue now is to get ground transportation links restored in western Honshu. JR West said they are working around the clock to restore the San'yo Main Line, but full service may not be available until middle August 2018. At least getting that restored will allow goods transportation into that area on a larger scale.

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LagunaToday  06:12 pm

” there's generally no shortage of drinkable water”

I think it would be very dangerous, not to mention foolhardy, to rely on that idea. There’s a reason that it’s recommended to have at least several days of drinking water for each household member in emergency supplies.

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