Student uses invisible ink to ace ninja report


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Nice to see ingenuity still lives!

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Only Ninja can kill Ninja!

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Such a great story. Wish we had a photo of it.

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Isn't it funny that there is a Ninja club with children members, maybe hundreds of years from now some universities in the future will make a club named after Loss Pepes, the assassins who put Pablo Escobar's gang down. Because I think these are the equivalent of the Ninjas in the modern era. Ninjas ambush, assassinate and spy exactly like LOS PEPES. Ninjas have cool outfit and weapons though, unlike los pepes (jeans, boots, cadillac) . The Los Pepes club.

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But can she Naruto Run?

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What is really funny is that this is a university club and the student is 19 years old; however, they put photos of children to deceive us.

Haga, 19, made the ink by soaking soybeans overnight and then squeezing them into a paste.

Eimi Haga, a member of Mie University's ninja club

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Only Ninja can kill Ninja!

Ninja never die! They vanish!

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I like that he didn’t read it all in order to preserve her work. That’s so nice of him!

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